1. @

    GMS 2 How to restore acknowledged IAPs in 2.2.4 on Android?

    Hey, After struggling for days I finally managed to get IAPs to work in 2.2.4. I'm facing an issue now that if you already own an non consumable IAP, reinstall the game and click the "buy button" again, how to restore that purchase in 2.2.4? Those purchases were automatically restores upon...
  2. dialgpalkia

    Legacy GMC Profile Restore?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to restore your legacy GMC profile/combine it with your new GMC profile? I joined the GMC a long time ago and I was sad to see that I couldn't log in and had to recreate my profile in the new GMC. Any ideas?
  3. Slyddar

     Restoring an IAP

    I've started adding durable IAP's to my game, and want to find out the methods others are using when a user moves phones and want to restore a purchase. I believe both Google and Apple save the purchase with the user account and have different methods to retrieve it. Google have a...
  4. D

    GML IAP Restore Purchased

    Hello, I will describe my problem in example. "mr.Example1" will buy in my app "noAds". If you don´t quit app Ads will be not shown, but if you restart app Ads are shown again, so how to get back information "noAds" was already purchased. same problem for consumables if bought 3 times...
  5. M

    Restoring Deleted Games 100% working

    today i got to see my game has been removed by AVG, a!nd so, i went nuts. i looked if it's been in my recycle bin, but it wasn't, looked if it's in the AVG's virus vault, wasn't restored either. than i went nuts in the documents files over the game maker files and saw the backups file in it, it...