1. K

    help to make room stop restarting pls

    In the game I'm developing, when you enter a room, there are monsters there, then you kill them and then you leave the room, but if you enter the room again, the room restarts and the monsters are still there, etc. Is there any way to make the room empty forever after killing the instances of...
  2. N

    Need help with a variable

    So I have a variable (global.coins) and I want it to be the same value as before i restarted the game. I have a initialization room that sets the global.coins value to 0. How to fix this?
  3. I

    GMS 2 room_restart() freezing the game.

    (English is not my native language, so ignore if something is wrong) I'm trying to make my room restart when the character dies, but the game freezes instead. I put the function on the "home" button to see if it worked, but the game simply freeze the moment I press the button and it returns to...
  4. RyanC

    Android / Amazon Fire Game restarts after returning from a minimized state.

    Since updating to GMS 2, my game restarts after returning from a minimized state on Android. If I click "share link" and try and send an email or text then return to the game, it restarts. But if I re-download the previous version from the play store it's fine. I tried using GMS 1.4 and now...
  5. Ferrettomato

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Resetting persistent rooms from other rooms

    My game has multiple persistent rooms that should maintain their states until the player returns to the main menu. However, I've been having trouble finding a way to reset all those rooms without actually going to each one and restarting it from within, which feels overly complicated and hacky...
  6. Steve Potts

    GMS 2 Sprites and level restart

    Hi guys I have 2 problems I`m stuck with. 1) I have a cannon moving across the screen which fires at random. The sprite is made up of 9 frames and I need frame 0 when not firing and to run the animation when it fires once. All I can do is have the cannon on frame 0 all the time or run the...
  7. D

    GMS 2 Non-persistent rooms are resetting everything except player

    The title says it all. Up until now, room_restart has been doing what it should do. However, it started to try and screw me today by not resetting my player but resetting all other objects in the room. I'm wondering what made it happen, but I haven't done anything today except add audio to the...
  8. LunarIceCream

    [SOLVED] Game won't restart

    I was following the Shaun Spalding Platformer tutorial(part 7), and was at the part of having the game draw black bars when it restarted, but it wouldn't work, and this is what happened when I tried. Before Pressing R, theres a 1 in the corner of the screen(debug). After pressing R, the 1 has...
  9. L

    how to restart a room?[solved]

    i know, a very stupid question... but how can i actually use the room_restart() function? this: if(life <1){ room_restart(); } is just freezing my game. if i change room_restart to game_restart it restarts the whole game, but i just want to repeat the current room when dying. if i use...
  10. Theghost

    room manipulation

    Hello there My game requires me to restart a room where my object is not in. How do I do this? dear Theghost
  11. Ronchon

    Disabling Error messages

    Hi! I really need a way to disable error messages. Is there any way to do that ? Yes, i know, its not supposed to crash in the first place, but as i keep working on the game and always adding features or modifying code, to be realistic it will never be 100% stable in my case. I have a gamemaker...
  12. R

    GMS 2 (Solved) How to stop object movement caused by holding the key from overlapping room_restart()?

    I am trying to make a simple game where the player, represented by a character object called o_tommy, moves left and right with the keyboard arrows. That works but the problem is that I show a message when my timer runs out that aims to inform the player of their score and tell them to try...
  13. TomatoFantasyStudio

    How to flushing sprites when restarting room?

    Hello there! I found this thing. I prefetch sprites in special object at start of the room and when I call room_restart all sprites flush from memory. But I don't need to flush them. Is there way not to flush prefetched sprites when I'm restarting room? :D
  14. M

    Instances don't work anymore when room restarts

    For some reason it only happens in a certain room. When the player loses, the room restarts. Normally it works just fine and the room starts over again with all instances doing what they should. In one particular room, there's three objects; player, enemy, and a text object (tells the...
  15. J

    GMS 2 Room not restarting

    It seems as if the "Restart Room" command is not working. In the below option no variables are reset and the next command setting the score to 8, etc are executed. How to restart the room and have everything including instances, etc, in the room restart along with it? Will I have to restart the...
  16. J

    How to restart other room

    I have a 1 room non-scrolling game, but have made a room for game over screen and a game start menu screen. I am trying to restart the game [rm_play] from the "Game Over" screen. If I go to the room using: room_goto(rm_play); the game is over and it bounces back to the "Game Over" screen. Is...
  17. Anti-Icarus

    Legacy GM Creating a Game Over Screen

    I'm trying to implement a game over screen in a prototype I was working on. I intend to have my game to have a level structure that would have two interconnected rooms per level which I refer to here as rm_House_of_Worship and rm_field. I want it so that a game over screen is displayed when a...
  18. S

    Legacy GM Restart the game

    I want to restart the game like if i close it and then open it.
  19. V

    Restart the game and return to the last chapter

    Hi! my games is split in chapters (rooms linked together that you can explore). all the rooms are persistent and chapters starts with a room that read ''chapter x'' for 3 sec and then the chapter start. here's what I can't do: i would like that when you lose, you restart the chapter. but since...
  20. D

    GML IAP Restore Purchased

    Hello, I will describe my problem in example. "mr.Example1" will buy in my app "noAds". If you don´t quit app Ads will be not shown, but if you restart app Ads are shown again, so how to get back information "noAds" was already purchased. same problem for consumables if bought 3 times...