1. B

    Sprites from previous game maker version

    I have Game-Maker 8, but I want the resources from previous version, especially 7. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  2. A

    Question - IDE Importing existing GMS2 project to another one?

    Hi there. I'm currently working on a rather large game that has been split into multiple GMS2 projects (basically, one for the 'core' game, and one 'module' to do some testing with UI and levels). Now that I've determined that the UI project is okay, I want to 'merge' it back into the core...
  3. 2

    Prevent Players from Copying/Viewing External Image and Sound Resources in Game Folder

    I'm wondering if there's a way to prevent external resources like sprites and music from being viewed or copied by a person playing your game. It's nice that they can cut down on load and compile times, but I don't see the point if people can rip your resources off if you do this. So is there a...
  4. Shadowblitz16

    Windows Create Extension Package that uses project as resource container?

    hello is there a way to make a extension package that doesn't import resources into the project but contains them in the extension or in a reference project? I've seen this done before but it looks like many people don't know how to do it. does anybody know how and care to explain?
  5. 2

     Request: Add "check references" back in

    Please add check references back in to studio 2. It really helps in cleaning up project resources you aren't actually using. It also helps you know where you're using certain resources. One example is that it helps helps with choices about texture pages, and audio groups.
  6. A

    Question - IDE Project seems to be corrupted, resources not showing up after loading project save

    I've recently tried loading a project of mine containing various objects, sprites, rooms, etc. It was a working game but for some reason the resources are not showing.. It ends up showing like it's an empty/new project, none of my options, or settings get loaded. I even tried creating a new...
  7. Z

    Deleting Resources

    I have had this issue for some time now. The resources from my projects are being tampered with every time I reopen it. I exported it out before, thankfully, but when I opened it this time the only thing left were the sounds. The sprites get turned to 0x0 and remain there, usually, but this time...
  8. D

    Question - IDE How can I change properties of many Sounds at the same time?

    Hello again! I have a lot of sound assets already included in the IDE and I would like to apply them the same properties with a single click. For example, I want to change the bitrate of all sounds, or assign them the same audio group. Is this possible? Thanks! Dani
  9. Tontete

    Distribution Does compiling remove unused resources?

    As the title says, I wonder if when I compile, will GS:S keep the unused resources that are still in the project folder, or will it remove them to save memory? I know that I can use the "Delete from resource tree deletes from disk" option from the Preferences, and I have done that for a while...
  10. D

    Discussion Why the resources limitations during the Beta period?

    Hello! I'm using GMS to develop my next commercial project, and I would like to move it to GMS 2 as soon as possible, but I've seen there are a lot of resources limitations. Why those limitations? I think we could provide YoYo Games much better feedback if we could start developing full...
  11. G

    Portfolio - General Game Artist (UI, Environment, FX)

    Hi there! I'm editing this post because it's outdated, and reopening. Examples of my full 3D renders are available here. Examples of my general (and more game-oriented) work is in an Imgur album here. I do animations as well as stills, but I don't do characters well. Environment/UI/special...
  12. Alice

    Tools & resources for making your Jam game

    This is a collection of freely available tools and resources that might come in handy when creating your Jam games, similar to same-titled topic on the old forum made by @Dark. If you use some of assets listed here, please remember to include a proper credit in your Jam entry! Feel free to post...
  13. gitwalrus

    Resource loading

    I would like to know how resource loading works in GameMaker. Does GameMaker load ALL the sprites and resources ahead of time or does it wait until you use the sprite and then loads it and uses some sort of reference counting system to unload it again later? I have always been confused how this...
  14. Alexx

    Popular GameMaker Books