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  1. R

    Is there any better naming of resources?

    Hi, I'm trying to name scripts somehow so I can easily assign them to objects as functions (like in other OOP languages). Is there any better option for naming them? I find it quite nonsense that in GMS 2 resources must have unique names regardless of folders, type of resource or something like...
  2. Azenris

    Question - IDE Resource name limit [Sugeestion]

    Is there any reason the resource tree has a name limit. Is it possible to increase it ? maybe to 255. spr_interior_wooden_frame_window_light_beam_emissive :( I didnt want to abbreviate everything, I know its kinda descriptive, but it helps me understand what it is. Sry if wrong forum :]
  3. tamation

    Gamemaker resource tree is lagging [1.499]

    Hey all My game is running fine once it starts, zero lag, everything runs as it should. All good there. The problem is that gamemaker itself is lagging, in the resource tree specifically. If I need to choose a new object to place in a room from the drop down menu, it takes MULTIPLE clicks to...
  4. Pfap

    [SOLVED]Resource order and saving

    This is probably not a big deal, but is there a solution to avoiding resource conflicts when updating a launched game other than: once a game has been released never change the order of resources and if adding to the game only add at the tail of the tree? I guess, maybe saving the string name...
  5. P

    Question - IDE Any way to pick which display or workspace resources always open on?

    I have two displays, and the second one is vertical (rotated 90 degrees), which is a huge help when it comes to tiles, long scripts, and having multiple expanded views in the resource tree. However, having the resource tree over there forces every freshly opened resource to open in that...
  6. A

    Question - IDE Resource thumbnails not updating

    Hello! I have been using Gamemaker: Studio 2 for a few weeks now. I noticed that resource thumbnails in the resource tree do not get updated when I change the sprite. I have tried restarting and using default layouts instead of the custom one I usually use. Neither has refreshed it, even after...
  7. matharoo

     Suggestion: Show Script/Object Descriptions in Resources Tree

    Not something I really need, but it would be kind of helpful. I'm fine if YYG doesn't want to consider this, I'm not expecting that - I just want to put this idea out there. You know how we can add @descriptions to scripts and object events? I was thinking that it could be sort of helpful if we...
  8. Red Phantom

    GML How to minimise megabytes of game throughout development?

    Just a general question, in what different ways can I condense the data of my game so that it has lesser or minimal megabytes as the final? Some steps I already follow are: --Any sprite that will not be used in objects, create as a background instead --Convert any backgrounds into a...
  9. F

     I was just wondering about the resource tree...

    how many resources are the maximum limit for objects and sprites? Because my game I am making will need lots of them, since it’s a rpg.
  10. Grunlock

    Question - IDE Resource Tree Glitched? [SOLVED]

    Hello, I opened up a project I've been working on to find that the resource tree was not how it usually was. Usually the resource tree orders items like Sprites, Tile Sets, Sounds, Paths, etc but the resource tree was now showing it in the order Sprites, Sounds, Scripts, Objects, Options and so...
  11. P

    Discussion Code folding and selecting all frames in image editor

    [SUGGESTION #1 - Code folding/wrapping] I have googled code folding in GMS2 before and so far i have only found regions. I started using regions and they are nice, but when i heard of code wrapping/folding in GMS2 from a friend i thought it finally had what Notepad++ has which is folding of each...
  12. D

    Question - D&D Moving Resources Between Projects

    Just wondering if there is a way to move resources between projects. I tried literally copying the folder for a game objects in one project and pasting it into the game objects folder of another project but the object did not appear in that project in game maker.
  13. G

    Question - IDE Increase Time Group Folders Expand When Dragging Items in Resource Tree

    is there a way to do this or can a configurable time for this feature be added? it's just that every time i go to drag items into folders every single folder my cursor touches for like even a fraction of a second expands, which is really annoying. maybe i'm just slow or smthing but i seriously...
  14. N

    Question - IDE GMS 2 Interface and Resource Tree font size

    Hi everyone this is my first post. Its something simple and I hopes there is a solution. How do I Change the Size of the letters from the interface or at least from the resource tree? they are too small in my opinion and it's pretty bad to everyone's sight to be looking at things that are that...
  15. M

    Question - IDE Resource Tree Status Icons?

    Greetings fo lks! Newbie question here. What specifically does the red warning icon refer to in regards to a sprite, object or room? I have googled and googled this one. As you can see in the screenshot, it only seems to be affecting the Windows build and not the Ubuntu or Mac. It appears...
  16. D

    Question - IDE Resource tree name edition: selection almost invisible!

    Hello! After the latest update of GMS 2, some changes were introduced to the resource tree. I really like the new look, but when editing the name of resources, if you select a part of the name, the selection color is very similar to the background, so the selection is almost invisible. Look...
  17. F

     [Feature request] assignable sprite icons for some ressources

    Hello! I'd like to make a suggestion for the resource tree, I think it would be very helpful to be able to assign sprites as icons for certain resources like rooms and scripts. Of course, it would not be for sprites or object resources, which naturally gets their icons from their contents, but...
  18. G

    Resource Tree Feature Requests: Alternate Method to Organize Groups & Alpha Sorting

    I think it would be nice if we could organize the research tree some way other than clicking and dragging, because it does not work very well. Groups end up in other groups. Increasing the item size does not help. There is no visual indication of what will happen when you release the moues...
  19. Zeralith

    Question - IDE Resource Tree is Extremely Difficult to Sort Now with Groups and Nested Groups

    Hello, Prior to GMS2 Version, moving/sorting Files and Groups within the Resource Tree was intuitive and worked quite well. Now, the UI "line/bar" element, which showed us if an item was going to be dropped above, below, or into another Group, appears to have been removed completely...
  20. psyke

    Discussion Crash when changing views (

    After the latest update (, my game crashes whenever I change the view in the resource tree. I tried deleting all the views and creating it again, but didn't worked. System specs: Windows 10 - Home, i5-4440 GeForce 760x 8gb Ram Here is the UI.LOG Thanks.