resource load failures

  1. V

    EMERGENCY - Resource Load Failure Encountoured - Lost File and Coding

    Hi guys my gf has an assessment due tomorrow and straight up having a panic attack. Could you please help me fix her coding because it seems as though she has lost her file and all her coding she has been doing for the last few months while trying to transfer her files. It shoud've not done...
  2. Schekhovtsov

    Android SOLVED: Some recources failed to import

    Hello I updated GMS, Android Studio. When trying to update / reinstall the Google Play Services extension, an error occurs: Resource 'GooglePlayBillingExtension' failed to import Has anyone come across a similar one?
  3. U

    Resource load failure and resource are malformed

    Hello so the issue is one day i was working on my game and didn't save the latest object yet suddenly the power was off for a second (i don't know why the power was off) and when the power comeback my computer open window by itself and when i come and check back all of my resource is fine and...
  4. L

    Mac OSX Can't Load Views

    One project I'm working on says resource failures encountered, and it says "failed to resource all the 'views'." Are these important and will they affect my game? I can still run my game but I'm worried about this causing a problem in the future. If so, how do I fix it?
  5. D

    GMS 2 Sudden Error: "Resource File is Malformed"

    Hello, guys. I started up GameMaker 2 just now and received an error reading: "Resource file is malformed 'objects\obj_player\obj_player.yy' Invalid byte coding." Since obj_player is, as one would guess, my game's main character, this error effectively kills my entire project. Not too happy...
  6. J

    Windows [FIXED] I can't test out my games.

    I must point out a few things first. In the top right corner of the screen, it says that the IDE is v2.2.0.343 and that the Runtime is Whenever I open Game Maker 2 it asks me to update even though I've downloaded the new version several times now. Also I am using a decently powerful...