1. R

    Objects / Code in Objects / Object Placement

    Hello, I was making my game and now it is starting to become bigger and I was wondering... (Because every youtube tutorial is just a video about writing code and dropping an object in the room and done.) 1.What is the best, less code in multiple Objects or a lot of code in 1Object. 2.How do...
  2. Imperial

    Legacy GM Game Resolution

    How to change the Game Resolution In Runtime as the game settings/options we should change the view_wview[view_current] or view_wport[view_current] ?
  3. T

    Android Sony Xperia Z2 Scaling

    Hi there! For the game I am currently working on I use my Sony Xperia Z2 as Debug device. As some of you might know the screen is 1920x1080, so it's a normal 16:9 ratio. But the Xperia line (and I think the Nexus too) has a feature that is bugging me while debugging (pun not intended). Unlike...
  4. RangerX

    How to properly scale your game!

    This tutorial is for Game Maker Studio 1.4 and up. While made for the Windows target, the logic applies in general for all platforms GM Version: 1.4, but should apply to all version Target Platform: Window, but generally applicable to other platforms Links: see links below for example...
  5. NeoShade

    Legacy GM View not quite filling window

    Hi guys, I'm playing around with window sizing and positioning and views as the first steps in a project, and I thought that I had the whole thing figured out, until I noticed that there's a thin black line at the bottom of my window where the view isn't quite filling it up. Here's my game...
  6. M

    Screen Size Problem

    (Sorry for my english, i'm spanish) So I was making a game and all work correctly, but when I finish the menu and press Start the screen still stay in menu size when I play, I try to make it fullscreen but all the game sees bad, please help, I need a fullscreen with good resolution or something...
  7. BaBiA Game Studio

    Graphics How to decide on resolution and graphics size

    Hi all. So after botching my way through my first project several months ago, I have been planning and designing my new game and have finally got down all of the essentials: mechanics, style, story, etc. However one thing is still frustrating me and I am struggling to figure it out, so I...
  8. GlitchCrew

    Legacy GM Setting screen resolution

    Hello! In GM8 it was possible to set screen resolution in global game settings like this: However in GM:S there is no such option: Is there any way to set screen resolution equal to game (room) resolution? Usual way of setting game resolution...