1. Jihl

    Android Fuzzy resolution when exporting APK

    Hey there! I'm getting a weird behaviour from GMS2 when exporting the APK, the application looks very fuzzy even when the resolution is set to 720x1280 (Which is what my cellphone uses) Any ideas on what's happening? Thanks! Image of reference: Edit 1: Did some testing, and found that I...
  2. E

    Blurry sprite movement

    I know this question has been asked many times, but I'm having great difficulty moving forward with my game. It seems that no matter what I try I can't remove blurring when my sprites move. I recently started a completely new game for testing with just one 32x32 sprite and simple code to move...
  3. F

    Android Gms 2 Android Resolution Problem

    Hi everyone im back again. Now i have resolution problem. If i start game on my mobile i have this. Red line show you where is end of room. I dont know what can be problem. Im using keep aspect ratio. I tryed make room bigger or smaller and problem is same. Please help me i really dont know...
  4. L

    Mac OSX resolution size for game?

    I'm new at this and I'm not sure what resolution to make the game so it can be played on the most computers without the pixels getting distorted. My computer's native resolution is 2880 x 1800. Do I have to set the rooms in the game to certain sizes to avoid the pixels not resting in perfect...
  5. E

    Small questions about scaling and sprites

    Hey, I'm a total beginner when it comes to GM2, recently started working on a little visual novel game with the team, still learning the program slowly.. The game I'm making is gonna have a high res pixel-art kind of style, I had a hard time understanding how I should upscale everything, it...
  6. FlatulenzaFiamm

    Drag And Drop How does this resolution work?

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I haven't created a thread on the site! :D This means, maybe, I became a better programmer... maybe... By the way, I have a little problem with the resolution of my game. For some reasons when I test my 1920x1080 resolution game, it shows itself cut and...
  7. Kezarus

    Legacy GM Font Size / GUI Layer

    Hi friends! I am having an issue with font sizes. People say that they can't barely read the text on my game. I am at 1980 x 1080 resolution and all is fine. Should I scale the GUI Layer? What is the best course of action? Thanks in advance, Kezarus
  8. Tofu Heavy Industries

    Legacy GM Screen glitching and "Tearing" after resize

    My game is at 256x240 resolution, running in Windows 7 in a resizeable window. If I run the game and resize the window, (using the mouse) it will start to 'tear' and white almost polygonal flashes will appear on the screen as im moving my character. At one time, I was in a small room, and it...
  9. Robzoid

    Discussion [Solved] GMS 2 For a 1080p Game?

    My next game is going to be 1080p and I really want to use Gamemaker 2 for it but I've heard that there are performance issues when using Gamemaker for 1080p. Is this still the case? Can Gamemaker handle a 1080p base resolution without performance issues? I understand I'll need to do...
  10. inertias

    GMS 2 Font issue relating to screen resolution

    So above is a picture of a sprite that contains a very small font. My game is at 1920x1080 resolution and my monitor matches that as well. My problem is that when I draw this font to the screen (using the draw gui event), the font only appears clearly depending on where my mouse coords are (I am...
  11. Redspark

    Windows Draw GUI offset by 1 pixel

    Hi, Don't know if this is a bug or just something to do with the resolution scaling that I'm not understanding. However, when I create a room with a size and viewport of 1280x720 and turn on full screen (1366x768) through window_set_fullscreen(true) then I find that the GUI layer is offset by...
  12. Looks Like I've Lost

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Resolution Issues

    I've been working with a partner recently on a game and wanted to add resolution changing, but I think I made the mistake of making the game with the native resolution of 1920x1080. It seems like the most common way to change resolution is for the native resolution to be lower and to scale up to...
  13. Megax60

    Black bars not showing correctly

    i made the game scale pixel perfect, but the black bars on the sides are moved: i followed this guide. The resolution is 640 x 480. I really dont know what im doing wrong obj_system create event: //Resize application_surface_draw_enable(false); window_set_fullscreen(true); global.MonitorW =...
  14. T

    sprite rendering problem

    the picture on the left is what shows up when in the game and the picture on the right is my sprite. I've been looking at how to fix this with resolution tutorials but that doesn't seem to help. The sprite's size is 110x127. If someone could help that would be a great help.
  15. Pfap

    room pixels and native resolution

    I'm testing a project on ios and I want to make the sprites appear bigger, but I still want to fit as much content on the screen as I currently have. I'm struggling to conceptualize or haven't really learned how the native display and gamemaker room sizes work together. My sprites and everything...
  16. muddrox

    Recommendations for resolution

    I am currently making a game and I started making it with a 1280 x 720 resolution. All my assets, including all pixel art, have been designed around that resolution. However, I recently watched a video by Pixelated pope titled, The 15 Commandments of Game Maker, which stated that I should...
  17. R

    Android Adjusting Room Sizes for Android Devices

    I just recently bought GMS2 and the GMS2 Mobile Module. I just read through all the documentation to set up the Android Module and was able to successfully run my first app through GameMaker! While I have published apps already to the google play store they were written in C# through the Unity...
  18. Mythi.T

    Windows [SOLVED] Ideal Port/Window size

    Im making a game (duh) . I want this game to be enjoyed by the most poeple absolutly possible. However, poeple buy a computer with a different screen size (with a different screen resolution then 1920x1024) and I dont blame them. Heres the question: What is the best window size / set of sizes...
  19. B

    GMS 2 Background won't fill the screen?

    Hi there i am new here, and i am currently having an issue with getting my background to fill in on GameMaker Studio 2. I made a display manager that takes care of all the aspect ratio/screen resolution adaptions. But for some reason my background just won't scale and i am making the game in...
  20. Raptor_Guy

    GMS 2 Background Resolution Lowered Ingame

    When I play my game, the background resolution is lowered from what it is in the room editor. The background is the same size as the room.