1. A

    Android screen resolution problem [Help]

    Hi all. So I was following Pixelated Pope's YT videos regarding scaling for devices. I am trying to apply scaling in Android devices. I followed the code in pixelated pope's video but did some changes since some functions are already obsolete in Game Maker Studio 2.3. Here is the scaling...
  2. gkri

    Android How to fit camera into smaller viewport?

    How can achieve the same result as the bellow pic programmatically? I see great boost performance on my oldest devices and I would like to set it as an option. Android and fullscreen only.
  3. P

    What is wrong with my code (GUI is drawn improperly after adding different screens support)

    Hello everybody. Actually I am having troubles implementing aspect ratio managment stuff as always. I used Pixelated Pope's tutorial for old version of GMS, but I have spoilt somthing trying to implement it in my game (GMS 2). So, at first I was using GMS default stuff: Set the viewport and...
  4. DarthTenebris

    GMS 2 Supporting Custom Resolution and Aspect Ratio

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make a multiplatform game, but it just occured to me that Android phones are no longer simply rotated desktop screens. Various resolutions and aspect ratio exist outside of the standard 16:9 desktop. Are there any tutorials that teach how to support all these...
  5. E

    Android Problem with resolution on android

    Hi! Since my last (i think) android update, the game that i'm developing starts sometimes in another resolution than it was programmed to. I've been developing the game since may 1st and i'm having this problem for about one week. I didn't change anything regarding the resolution. When i run...
  6. Coded Games

    Viewport and Resolution Question

    Theoretically, a view that is 1080p drawn to a 1080p window should take the exact same amount of time to render as a 1080p view downscaled to a 720p window? Because window size doesn't matter, view size is what determine what all needs to be drawn. Does this sound correct? So me creating video...
  7. TreysterGames

    GMS 2 PowerPoint Resolution Scenario

    So, when I was working my project I realized that one of my rooms rendered into the project at a very low resolution level, despite the fact that outside of GMS2, it has higher quality. I was kinda confused by this, I wasn't sure if it was because my friend made it in PowerPoint or if it has to...
  8. P

    GML Help With GUI_set_size Please

    global.VIEW_W = 960; global.VIEW_H = 540; global.VIEW_RES=global.VIEW_W/global.VIEW_H var camera_W=global.VIEW_W; var camera_H=global.VIEW_H; var screen_w=display_get_width(); var screen_h=display_get_height(); var screen_res=screen_w/screen_h; if(screen_res>global.VIEW_RES)//Screen is Wider...
  9. Z

    SOLVED Missing pixels (Mac dock interference fix)

    (I posted this in a different section about 30 mins ago but I think I posted in the wrong area - sorry) Hi all, This is my first post. I am new to GameMaker but have done about 3 different tutorials (asteroids, farming RPG, blaster faster) and have started to make my own game, and I have come...
  10. Z

    Question - Code Missing Pixels (not scaling/interpolation issue)

    Hi all, This is my first post. I am new to GameMaker but have done about 3 different tutorials (asteroids, farming RPG, blaster faster) and have started to make my own game, and I have come up against my first issue which I can't find help for. I made my title screen on GIMP at 1280x720...
  11. kronotic

    Why do my sprites look terrible when they are rotated?

    I am making a game in Game Maker 8 where an ant follows your mouse and so it also rotates to wherever your mouse is. The sprite image starts pixelating and looks horrendous when it is moving in a diagonal direction. It looks fine when the ant moves straight up, down, left or right: but any...
  12. zendraw

    Graphics Graphics size and scaling

    i have a problem im not sure how to handle, i want to make a more hi res sprites for a game butif i scale them down thru view port theyr quality gets destroyed. basicly its 8x8 plane where each tile i want to make 256x256 so it ends up 2048x2048, yeah but when i squeeze that in a view quality...
  13. Carloskhard

    GML Change resolution of VM while testing

    So I wanted to test my android game in different resolutions and see how my system for scaling works, however when I was testing I saw that changing the size of the emulation window doesn't change "display_get_...", while doing this in another new proyect it works(It changes the display size). I...
  14. Jihl

    Question about resolution

    Hey there everyone! I'm making an online RPG with a friend and right now I'm asking myself things about the resolution of the game. I want it to let the player have the resolution he/she wants, however as I compare my game to Ragnarok Online, I see that Ragnarok has a lot of resolution...
  15. Golden Gremlin

    How to scale and draw application surface manually?

    I am trying to scale and manually draw my application surface to my fullscreen game window. Ultimately, I am doing this so that I can guarantee I am scaling by an integer when in fullscreen mode, to prevent pixel distortion. As a test, I am just trying to scale my application_surface by 2 and...
  16. KPJ

    Design Question on Native Resolutions

    I know that you shouldn't make your pixel art game too big, from Pixelated Pope's tutorial, instead to divide 1920x1080 to get something like 640x360 for your native resolution. This might seem like an obvious question, but I can't seem to understand it. What is, exactly, the native res of a...
  17. K

    Am I doing this right?

    So I plugged in my phone Target set to my phone I used display_get_width And I pressed f6 And the program pops up in my phone But the width read when hit the break point is my laptop's value What did I do wrong?
  18. Ricardo

    Windows multi-monitor fullscreen issue

    Hi there! I have two monitors. Monitor #1 is ultrawide (2560x1080), whereas monitor #2 is a regular 1920x1080. If I try to maximize my game on monitor #1, everything works as expected. However, if I move the game window to monitor #2 and maximize it (window_set_fullscreen(true)), the game...
  19. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2 Support 720p and 1080p in GMS2

    Hello Game Makers! I've been reading a lot and found a few methods and tutorials on how to support multiple resolutions in GameMaker. Sadly most of them are aimed to GMS1. With the new cameras in GMS2 most of the stuff is outdated and I wonder how do you guys give support to 720p for a pixel...