resolution scaling

  1. NEWBZ

    Pixel art resolution

    This may be a pretty dumb question but Does pixel art transfer well to 4K TVs? If i am creating 16X16 sprites and I want everything to look crisp on a 4K TV is there anything that I need to do to ensure that my game looks good on any tv of any resolution? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. GonerBits

    Graphics Game Resolution - is 400 x 225 acceptable?

    Here's my situation. (Tldr at the end if you don't want to read) I'm making a pixel art game, and I've decided the amount of detail / sprite size I'd like. However, when making game resolutions, I've got a bit of a conundrum. Making the game 320x240 at a 4:3 ratio with 20x20 tiles provides a...
  3. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Game Not Scaling Correctly When in Fullscreen

    I have a game where it's camera size is 640x360 and the viewport is 1280x720 and when the game is run in Windowed Mode, it displays fine (no pixel distortion). But, when I set it to full screen, (using a 1080p monitor) the pixels get stretched (even though it shows black bars and I have it set...
  4. E

    Title Screen Pixel Art Scaling

    I'm at the end of my rope, I've been working on a project for about half a year now and I've been jumping through hoops with fixing the display for the pixel art of my game. This is my second attempt at making a game, the first being very basic. I've used Pixelated Pope's tutorials and method...
  5. Adry

    SOLVED Should I give up on this trivial problem?

    Hey community ! I've been running circles trying to get this really insignificant thing to work, but now it seems like I've become obsessed.. Sigh, but I'm thinking of just letting it go 'cause it's causing unnecessary frustration.. Basically, I'm trying to get one single sprite, (background...
  6. Adry

    Change pixel resolution of a background_layer?

    Hi GM community! I'm fairly new to programming but was wondering if any one could help me out a bit with this conundrum of an issue.. I have a game that is 160 x 140. However I have set the window size to (380 x 340) which is a 3x magnification for the pixel art. now my question is this.. Is...
  7. LWDIV

    GMS 2 Dynamic Menu Positioning (approach)

    Hello @ll, i just started to collect information about creating a menu what fits to a resizable window. I defined an "ideal_height" = 1388 pixels and i am using a "display_manager"-script to calculate my aspect-ratio to match the screen size. On my Samsung s10 e i am getting a full size of...
  8. Papa Doge

    GMS 2 [Solved] Resolution Issues

    Hello, The height of my game is being squished for an unknown reason. I'm having trouble tracking down the root cause of my game's resolution issues. I've watched the videos by Pixelated Pope and that didn't fix my issue either. I'm wondering if there's still something fundamental I'm missing...
  9. Jihl

    Question about resolution

    Hey there everyone! I'm making an online RPG with a friend and right now I'm asking myself things about the resolution of the game. I want it to let the player have the resolution he/she wants, however as I compare my game to Ragnarok Online, I see that Ragnarok has a lot of resolution...
  10. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Getting the Ratio Right

    I'm trying to find a resolution that is in between 320x180 and 640x360. That can scale to 1280x720p and 1920x1080p. For the type of game I'm making the 320x180 is too "close" or "zoomed in" and the 640x360 is too "far." For the time being I found that 426x240 actually looks like it work, but...
  11. Golden Gremlin

    How to scale and draw application surface manually?

    I am trying to scale and manually draw my application surface to my fullscreen game window. Ultimately, I am doing this so that I can guarantee I am scaling by an integer when in fullscreen mode, to prevent pixel distortion. As a test, I am just trying to scale my application_surface by 2 and...
  12. L

    Mac OSX resolution size for game?

    I'm new at this and I'm not sure what resolution to make the game so it can be played on the most computers without the pixels getting distorted. My computer's native resolution is 2880 x 1800. Do I have to set the rooms in the game to certain sizes to avoid the pixels not resting in perfect...
  13. E

    Small questions about scaling and sprites

    Hey, I'm a total beginner when it comes to GM2, recently started working on a little visual novel game with the team, still learning the program slowly.. The game I'm making is gonna have a high res pixel-art kind of style, I had a hard time understanding how I should upscale everything, it...
  14. Aleksander

    GMS 2 Resolution changing with font

    Okay so my resolution changing is working but font is blurry when higher resolution How can I solve this problem? HERE IS THE SCRIPT switch(argument0){ case 0: window_set_size(800,600); break; case 1: window_set_size(1024,768); break; case 2: window_set_size(1280,800); break...
  15. JEMcG

    Graphics Sizing of HD Bitmap/Raster graphics in GameMaker

    Hi! I'm quite new to gamemaker and still learning my way around. I'm eventually looking forward to making a game, with my partner drawing the artwork. She'll be drawing digital art on the iPad Pro using Procreate (she's open to other software). All of it will be bitmap/raster graphics (as...
  16. I

    [Solved] Mouse Position incorrect after resolution scaling.

    I have had this issue before with previous projects and it is something to do with how I am scaling my game to full screen. The code for how I scale my game is given below: application_surface_draw_enable(false); window_set_fullscreen(true); MonitorW = display_get_width(); MonitorH =...