1. zendraw

    GMS 2 resizing an array

    so i have an array that i want to resize. basically from whatever length it is to 1. and set that one slot to 0; so resize & reset. i dont see a function that does that so manually?
  2. William Garrison

    GMS 2 instance create (and resize)

    So I have a thing that creates a flame when you click... problem is I use a sprite thats too big. I dont want to manually resize the sprite. I want to be able to set the size in the command when it creates. How can I do that? Left Pressed instance_create_layer(mouse_x, mouse_y, "Flame", oFireSml);
  3. R

    Discussion Image resizing issue

    So, I have a 2200×720 image I want to use for my game. But I found out it was blurry when I used it in game, and I found out why - it was automatically resizing to 1100×360. Is there a way to prevent this? If so, how?
  4. L

    Mac OSX Second monitor problem.

    Hi everyone! I'm new. Nice to meet u guyz! I have a second monitor "Hp 27o" linked to my MacBook retina. When i move the GM2 into the second screen, everything scale in a terrible giant mode. An example that i have found on youtube, ---> i have the same problem. Please Help me!!! Thx Luca
  5. TheSpydog

    Mac OSX Mac games flash red when going fullscreen

    Whenever I switch from windowed to fullscreen mode on the macOS export target, the entire screen will flash bright red for a moment before the fullscreen transition takes effect. Is anyone else noticing this or have a way to fix this? This seems like a pretty significant issue but I haven't...
  6. B

    Image size

    Hi there! I have a really noob question. I want to make a game for iPad, iPhone and for PC. Which image/room size should I use? If I create the game in iPad pro res (2732 x 2048), gamemaker resize it for the other screens? If it resize, does it will be blurry, or it’s will be ok?
  7. S

    GML ds_grid_resize did... nothing?

    Heya guys & gals, another thing I am struggling with today (yay), this time it's all about the resizing of grids. I am using a grid (called 'open') for saving some data. So far, it's only of size [ 2 x n ] . (To be exact, coordinates.) It is used as a "to do list" of points in another...
  8. F

    If I want small font in an already pixelated game, is there a practical way to shrink it?

    I'm new to GMS2 and want to use a custom pixel font, but my issue is that the sprites are already so few pixels that trying to shrink it in GM's image editor distorts the image. Would a good solution be to upscale the sprites I want to stay larger, or is there an easier, less time consuming...
  9. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM Blurry screen when resizing the game window

    Hello everyone! Its been a long time sense I've been here, but maybe you guys can help me. :p My issue is actually pretty simple, but I can't find a way to fix it. My game window is set to 768x200 when the game first starts (because its a login menu which is not that big) the game window is then...
  10. A

    Trouble with changing game window size

    So I have different rooms and for each room specific viewports. Viewports are enabled of course. One of them is a big room (3840x2160) with a camera and viewport of 1920*1080, because I want to play it fullscreen. But it doesn't changes when I go in this room. Actually I see no way to...
  11. Consuming Octorocks

    GMS 2 Memory chewed up when window is resized.

    I'm trying to make my game have display options which you can resize the window in a menu. When I use window_set_size to change the display via button, the game runs ok for a few seconds but then slows down really hard. I have no idea what the issue is with it and even made it so every time you...
  12. K

    GML There's a Way to resize text??[SOLVED]

    I'm making the "Ready?" and "Go!" texts before the game starts, the "Ready?" message appears from the bottom to the center, and after that, the message changes to "Go!" and I want that the text resize. Draw_text_ext don't have this function and create message like sprites is not a good idea...
  13. Big_Macca_101

    UWP Slow and glitchy window resizing

    Just curious if there is any reason why resizing UWP windows would be acting like this when resizing windows? This is done from a blank project so no code.
  14. Misu

    Legacy GM Help! My tiles display badly when resized view

    This has become a dilemma for me for quite a long time but now I have to get this fixed soon enough and I cant seem to find a right solution for this or any example on how. My side-scroll platformer game is a huge room with view size of 1920x1080 with port size to 960x540. When I run my game...
  15. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 best way for calculating widget resizing?

    I have two questions.. 1. does anybody have an idea how to handle diagonal resizing in this code? I don't want to handle them separately but somehow combine the side resizing. /// @description WWidget step event // You can write your code in this editor if (is_clickable && is_clicked) if...
  16. BlueBurn

    Asset - Extension Splash Sizer

    SplashSizer is a tool for creating icons and splash screens in any sizes (it's made for GameMaker: Studio, but you should be able to use for any other application). The tool contains configure files for most of the platforms such as.: Android, iOS, Windows UWP, etc. But also you can create your...
  17. S

    Game gets diffused when making game window bigger

    I use a sprite size of 32x32 pixels, because of this my room isn't that big and my game window als o doesn't fill the hole screen. I enabled the player to resize the game window and made it fullscreen, but now the sprites seem very dissue around the edges and aren't really sharp. Is there any...
  18. A

    Resize objects in room editor

    (this isnt "programming" but I didnt know where else to post this) Hi all, I used to be able to place an object in the room editor and resize objects (with the mouse) by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of the box around the object, but now for some reason Im no longer able to do...
  19. GMWolf

    Asset - Graphics GM.9patch

    GM.9patch marketplace link: GM.9path helps you easilly define 9patch sprites, by simply adding borders in the sprite editor. Define any number of stretchable / non-stretchable regions. Defining your 9patch Defining you 9patch is as...
  20. Samuel Venable

    Discussion Suggestion - Event for Window Drag/Resize

    Below you may see quoted what I suggested at This topic is for discussing whether you find this idea useful, or if you find there should be a different, (better), way to go about it. What do you guys think?