1. rui.r6o

    GMS 2.3+ Collect sample runtime stacktraces

    Hello GMC, I am currently trying to create a set of scripts to extract some common information from stacktraces generated by GameMaker at runtime, that I later intend to use for a myriad of different applications, but mostly for easing their processing (e.g. parsing and serialization of the...
  2. Pratanjali64

    Discussion [Animation] Typical steps-per-minute for various types of movement

    Question: Has anyone found a good reference guide for typical steps per minute (or frames per cycle) for various types of movement? Googling this inevitably leads to exercise advice, but I'm looking for typical step counts, not ideal ones. I'm also looking for speed ranges for things besides...
  3. shadowspear1

    The Community of GameMaker Developers - Survey for my academic project on discourse communities

    Survey Link: Hey there! If you are an active developer on this website and show interest in game development as a whole, I would like to take a minute of your time. I am a college student researching the community that surrounds game developers - this...
  4. N

    Accessibility options in GameMaker

    Howdy, I'm currently researching for one of my upcoming project. A law here forces developpers to make our projects accessible to everyone. (vision or hearing impaired, colorblind, etc.) I was wondering if accessibility options in this software is someting that is possible. Are we able to...