1. S

    HTML5 HTTP_GET Failed

    Hi guys, So, i have a question about this... Im making a online card game. Now i'm programing the card object. The idea of this objects is to make a dynamic load like this... When i create the generic object of the card, I pass and ID (idCard) and then with these ID find a json in the server...
  2. Y

    Job Offer - Audio (PAID) Music request!

    Heyo!! This is my first request on here and I don't know how to do this but here's my attempt :P Can somebody please make for me something that sounds like this but with a bit of BASS to it too? You can do it however you like but it should not sound like a different genre. Let's talk money...
  3. K

    Discussion Will it be possible to get a "script_execute_async" function?

    I ask because some tasks should just be run in the background as they take a while, and this could allow us to capture the progress and display a real time (adjustable) progress bar and not lock up the UI thread. I would assume we would need our own async event to handle this as well.
  4. phillipPbor

    Windows 360 degree view

    do you know hoe to make a 360 degree view, that you can click on hotspots to active or travel? it will be a background. can you help me guys? how do you make it?
  5. P

    multi stage jump?

    hi ill try to keep this simple. in my game i have 4 parts of animation for my jump. stage 1 is the crouch, and jump up. stage 2 is to transition the characters cape and she starts falling stage 3 is the falling animation stage 4 is a landing animation. with that said i have 3 questions- how do...
  6. N

    Legacy GM RPG XP Rollover System Request

    Hello! I'd like to start by saying I just started using Game Maker Studio this week, and that I have a question I can't find a solution for. I'm currently making an RPG, and already know how to make an XP Bar. My problem is finding a system to rollover XP received greater than the character's...
  7. Surgeon_

    Question - General Request an Asset

    This is just something that was present on the old forums and that I noticed was absent on the new ones. Same as before, use this thread to request an asset that's you'd like to use but cannot find. Old topic - it would be preferable that you read it because Nocturne's introduction is better...