repeat loop

  1. Stratadox

    Asset - Scripts repeat for_all

    So.. I made this a while back... noticed it's only on the old forums, so I'll post it here too. for_all This library adds the repeat for_all construct. The repeat for_all(x) syntax is an emulated language construct, enabling a foreach-like loop structure in gml. In many languages, there...
  2. S

    [SOLVED]do loop not working in repeat loop v1.4

    I have the following code in the create event of a controller object: var rock repeat(6) { rock=instance_create(random(room_width),random(room_height),object_rocket); do { rock.x = random(room_width); rock.y = random(room_height); } until...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] There has to be a better way (for/repeat loop optimisation)

    Context: I've made a simple algorithm that loops through data and creates a series of path points, but the end result is a path with thousands of points - which is extremely slow to calculate in a later bit of code - so I'm working on a way to strip the path of redundant data (that is, points...