1. RyanC

    Android Strange Graphics Bug - Mobile

    Hi everyone, check this out! When I load my game on mobile via wifi, this is what I see before the game crashes shortly after. Any ideas what is causing this?
  2. Charzendat

    Render Text in 3D

    Hi all. I've been using Game Maker for a long time but am only now just getting into the 3D aspects of it. Everything is going alright but I am having difficulties rendering text in the 3D environment. I can draw things to a HUD but if I have an object and I want some text to float above it...
  3. Gamerev147

    Game Mechanics [Solved] Reduce Room Lag

    I made a new room (level, or world) in my game. This room is HUGE! It is 12000x8000. The port and view size is 1080p and i need it that way. I have the background set at a grass texture, I turned off background color because it wasn't being used. I removed as many useless object that I could...
  4. D

    Legacy GM Screen rendering error?

    This is how my game looks ran on windows: But if I run my game on Android it looks like this: Why are those objects at the right most corner of the screen stretched? I have a script used to swap 2 tiles, but it doesn't appear to work in the affected area. Even under Windows, the objects...
  5. Joe Ellis

    3D Is there a way to get anisotropic filtering working with external textures?

    Is there a way to get anisotropic filtering working with external textures? My project looks terrible just because the anisotropic filtering extension (by manta games) stops working on any textures loaded during runtime and my game needs this as textures are altered during gameplay can anyone...
  6. D

    Legacy GM Pixel art not rendering properly OR the Perils of Emulating 16-bit Artstyles

    I've been having some trouble rendering certain sprites lately. The sprite is rendered with a “splice” through it. Example: The image on the right is how the desk is supposed to look. The image on the left is how it shows up on some frames during runtime. Sometimes it renders perfectly, but...
  7. mu112

    Problem with vector sprites rendering

    Hello, I need help with a problem with rendering swf vector sprites. It happens when a rotation and/or resizing is applied. In a screenshot below you can see clearly visible thin black lines going through the diagonals of some of the squares. Source swf image does not containt these lines of...
  8. L

    Sprites Warp and Stretch as the Player Moves

    Recently I've been working on a space style shooter game and have just started to add randomly generated stars, the only problem I notice is as I (the player) moves the sprites seem turn stretch out depending on how fast I am moving and turn in the direction I am heading. No variables are linked...
  9. Binsk

    Asset - Extension [B3D] 3D Rendering Engine

    Binskified 3D (v0.4.13) Hello, everyone! Available on the marketplace now is the Binskified 3D Rendering System ($11.99)! You can view / download the manual for demo purposes here: Google Drive Link (v. 0.4.10) You can download an example .exe here: Google Drive Link (Dated) Casual video...
  10. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Scripts TMC Script Batch

    Posted 26 May 2015 - 06:20 AM TMC Script Batch Outputs: All Type: Scripts Included: Scripts Demo: None Marketplace: Description: Defer Script Calls for Later! TMC Script Batch allows you to batch a set of scripts from anywhere in your game to...