1. T

    SOLVED Sprites/Textures Seem to Shiver Depending on Camera Position [Help needed]

    So I seem to be having some problems with sprite/texture rendering when I zoom the camera, or sometimes when the camera simply moves. I took this video so you can see what I mean. I have ticked the tile horizontally/vertically on the sprites but it hasn't really seemed to help. Any advice on how...
  2. Gleeson

    Question - IDE Text Kerning - "GMKerning" data found in font.yy files?

    (image above is a snippet from the font Quicksand when imported into GMS2 - this is in the .yy file) Hey there - this is probably a very technical question that's probably appropriate for someone at YoYo, but happy to have a discussion about it and spark some interest. So, in going down a...
  3. J

    2D blood decal

    I'm finding clues on how to make blood decal dynamically, like this. Katana ZONE, which is I think made by GMS. Anyone here know something about this? thanks!
  4. K

    Windows Help with subpixel rendering

    I've seen a ton of threads about this, but none of them seem to work for me. My camera dimensions are 486x243, and my viewport dimensions are 1728x864. Also, I've seen some that have something to do with the hspd and vspd, but because using that sort of script causes glitches with the player...
  5. BCrash

    Windows Anura 3D (PBR 3D Engine)

    I started working on this project as a little 3D shader experiment back in 2015 (GMS 1.4), to see how far I can go. Right after implementing a traditional per-pixel lighting system I started replacing it by PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to achieve more realistic graphics. In 2017 after...
  6. Mool

    Android Dear YoYoGames

    Hello YoYo Games, could you please fix that bug, which I reported 6 month ago ... because I can´t update any of my apps at Store. Thanks! :)
  7. Apapappa

    Windows RenderTech

    Description: This is a little side thing I work on sometimes, mostly when I want to relax a bit. I'm making this to prepare a "framework" which I can use whenever I decide to actually make one of the 3D games I have planned. It is definitely not perfect and has a lot of errors and what not but...
  8. S

    GMS 2 render distance

    Im trying to make a render distance (turning off all the instances when they are to far away) code: //create alarm_set(0, 30); instance_deactivate_all(true); //alarm 0 alarm_set(0, 30); instance_activate_region(x - 200, y - 200, x + 200, y - 200, true) instance_deactivate_region(x - 200, y -...
  9. P

    GML Reading the contents of a vertex bufferr

    I'm planning on creating a vertex buffer-building DLL in C++, to take advantage of multithreading while generating large and dynamic vertex buffers without editing any of GameMaker's source files (technically possible, according to this thread here). To do this, though, I need to know how Game...
  10. Robzoid

    Does subpixel rendering exist in GM?

    I've been trying to learn about subpixel rendering in Gamemaker and I'm confused on where it actually draws objects to the screen for decimal values of x and y. I saw this thread on "How to avoid subpixel rending"...
  11. Pfap

    [SOLVED] Animated meter

    What's your approach to animating health bars, meters, etc... Without, drawing individual sprites for each position? For instance you have a health bar with 100 points, but the player takes 11 damage. Is there a way to draw it without having a sprite with 100 different states, assuming an...
  12. Octopus_Tophat

    GMS 2 Sprites culling when manually manipulating matrices

    Hi, I'm not using cameras in my game for complicated reasons that I don't really feel like explaining. I basically have my own draw pipeline, where the main game control object handles all the drawing for my custom cameras. So my custom cameras are manipulating the matrices while setting...
  13. Joe Ellis

    Windows Warp3D

    Warp3D is an extension\engine for gamemaker with a realtime level editor, model editor and rendering system. Features: Easy to use level editor with full control over each instance's variables and rendering properties. Model editor with a wide range of functions Skeletal animation system and...
  14. T

    GMS 2 Render Distance Help

    Hello. I currently have a 2d Randomly generating game like terraria. Currently is spawns in thousands of blocks in to the world. The larger the world the more objects there are that spawn in for example dirt. loads of dirt is causing lots of frame rate problems so i was wondering for example if...
  15. Mike

    OFFICIAL TechBlog: DYNAMIC RENDERING MASKS So this is a quick one, but incredibly cool and valuable. When drawing to the screen (or a surface), most people only think about the colour, that is the red,green and blue channels, but actually there's also an alpha channel. Now it...
  16. D

    GMS 2 Poor Image Quality

    Hey everyone, Before GameMaker I was using another game engine called Stencyl. After running the same game in both engines, I have noticed that the sprite image quality isn't looking as good in GameMaker. Take a look at the below comparison (all the exact same sprite, same scale, taken directly...
  17. Master Maker

    3D 3D Shader Help

    I was wondering if it is possible to modify Gamemaker's general shader to use a z variable in addition to the already-present x and y variables. If so, how would this be done? Through the pixel or vertex shader? What shader code would have to be written? Would it automatically use the z var, or...
  18. Anixias

    Legacy GM Tips For Rendering Optimization

    Currently, I have an isometric-projected ds_grid containing tiles (this ds_grid is the terraindata grid, containing enumeration values such as tile.grass or tile.water, etc.) I have another grid of a matching size called variant and every cell is set to random(1) on the grid's initialization...
  19. babyjeans

    GMS 2 Best Way to Render from a DLL?

    I've been experimenting with working with extensions and DLLs, and was wondering what people have done in the past to render from a DLL? I've seen a few extensions that seem to do this, but wasn't sure. Right now, I'm thinking my best bet is to share a buffer with the DLL, and...
  20. Shadowblitz16

    Legacy GM gamemaker creates objects and surfaces before its supposed to

    can someone tell me why my objects and surfaces are getting created and rendered before I can offset their positions? it should create them on screen and then move them to their correct positions before being rendered however they are not and are rendered in the wrong place for 1 to 2 frames...