1. tagwolf

    Simple Background Gradient Render

    Simple Background Gradient Render (No graphics required!) GM Version: 2.X Target Platform: ALL Summary: Immediately and with minimal effort make your games and prototypes looks better and more polished. I've seen so many GMS games that are using gray or flat black backgrounds. This is an...
  2. Binsk

    3D [SOLVED] Multipass w/ Gamma Correction

    EDIT: Solved, see this post Howdy! I'm well along in designing a 3D engine for GameMaker and in doing so have tread on a lot of new ground, for me, anyway. One part of this has been Gamma correction / HDR. GameMaker poses some interesting problems and I am reaching out hoping that someone who...
  3. Kentae

    3D Optomizing Model Rendering

    Hi :) I'm trying to optomize the way I render models that are reused a bunch of times, like trees, rocks, bushes, and so on. In this example I use the trees. Usually I would do it this way. CREATE: tree_buffer = vertex_create_buffer(); vertex_begin( tree_buffer, vertex_format ); tree_gml(...
  4. T

    GMS 2 Render Engine only working in one direction

    Hello. Iv recently made a render engine to deactivate things that aren't in the visible area of the player. when first spawning in the game has good fps. but when going right through the map the fps starts to lower. When I go back left away back to the spawn the fps starts to go back up. I'm...
  5. TomatoFantasyStudio

    Optimization for render

    Hello again! And again the question of optimization :) Can you tell me what methods for optimizing rendering in graphics there is in Game Maker 2? I found this video , but here is a rather high cost for CPU method. In this example all objects are listed manually. Can there be others?
  6. Bleed

    Portfolio - Art [Sprites] Freelance Game Artist

    Hello, gamers and game developers, my name is Remos and I specialize in creating game sprites. I can create animated characters, props, tiles, buildings. I should be able to customize to suit the requirements of the user and any version of Game Maker. Icons & Tiles Characters & Animations...
  7. Bleed

    Asset - Graphics Isometric - Medieval Tavern

    A lone warrior enters the tavern; Barkeep, Ale!... Rendered in 8 directions with separated shadows layer. Under a CC-BY 4.0 License. Basically free to use on any project, commercial or otherwise as long as you credit me. Marketplace Link.
  8. H

    Shaders Rendering with opengl shaders.

    I'm stuck, and I'm trying to render a simple quad using shaders. Is there a simple tutorial I can follow? I can't see the error in my code, I think it might have to do with the matrix uniforms being set. I've included the code in the following spoiler segments. Any help is appreciated, I'm new...
  9. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] 3D Shapes not fully drawn on iPad2

    I'm in the very early stages of designing a new iOS game. However, I've discovered an issue when rendering a 3D cube. On my iPad2, some sides of the cube are not drawn. The attached file shows what a 3D cube looks like when rendered on both my laptop and iPad2. I created the 3D cube with 6...