1. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Rename built in constants / macros

    This is a bit of a long shot. Is there a text file somewhere that stores the built-in constants without re-assigning them manually to constants with different names? Actually rename them. You can add code snippets by editing a text file. Hopefully, this can be done.
  2. maxdax5

    Renaming folders?

    Can we rename folders? We can rename files or even create a new folder, copy all files in that new one and destroy the other one but before doing it i just want to be sure that we really cant rename folders/directories. Why doing it? In working_directory my main folder is the version of the...
  3. Aviox

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] Renaming a project that uses Source Control

    Does anybody know of a way to rename projects that use Source Control? If you use the "save as" feature in the file menu, it detaches the project from your linked repository, and I don't believe there's a way to "re-link" it, if you will. I suppose I could just create a new repository, and...
  4. MMM

    Asset - Demo Save, rename and recolor with typing. GMS1 and GMS2 demo.

    Save, rename and recolor with typing. GMS1 and GMS2 demo. Save the game by directly selecting a folder and naming the file. Or just rename the character in a sentence and recolor text with typing.
  5. S

    Distribution Removing all instances of old game name

    Hello developers, I've had to rename my latest iOS game as it's name has conflicted with another app in the iOS app store. The message in iTunes connect said that my app or its metadata contains misleading content. The message also said that it creates misleading association with another game...