1. D

    (Solved) How to remove sprites/objects from room?

    I have a sprites/objects in a room that I cant double click or right click to remove it. Any advice?
  2. E

    Remove line breaks from string

    Hello, how would you remove line breaks from a string? So that it goes from this: Hello World. to this: Hello World.
  3. H

    GMS 2 Asset Layer Question

    Hello GM community! The usual disclaimer: No clue if this is the right place to post this. Easy question (hopefully): How do I remove / delete a sprite placed in any asset layer within the room editor. I've read through the manual (specifically regarding room editor and asset layer) and...
  4. Massimog

    Question - Downloading Is it possible to remove marketplace assets from your library?

    I have a lot of old assets I don't use anymore that I'd rather not have clogging up my library. I know I can delete the local files and just view what I have downloaded, but I was wondering if there's a way to remove assets entirely. I have old assets I'd like to delete from both GM:S 1.x and...
  5. Slyddar

    Question - IDE Why does GMS2 steal my mapped drive?

    I have an external drive mapped to the letter U, and my pc backup runs daily to that drive. Sometimes I have the drive off, but the mapping stays, and it works fine when it's on. Today my C drive filled up because it was pushing my backup to...
  6. M

    Android Remove read phone state

    Hello. I have a problem. I cant delete the permission "READ_PHONE_STATE". I use apk expansion and licence. Try everything. Try to manually search from windows on all files. There is only the permission when after compiling they remain in the temporary folder, which I also delete and recompile...
  7. D

    Question - Code Is it possible to remove an Event during run time?

    Hello! I would like to remove the Step Event for some objects during run time (i.e, while playing the game) via code, is it possible? For example, let's say I have an object with Step Event defined in IDE. Then I run the game, start playing, an instance of that object is created, and later I...
  8. V

    Legacy GM Scripts code removes by itself

    I've tested my game just when I've loaded the project for the first time today and... my character don't make the movements of the script assigned for the action. And when I've checked the script... nothing!!! 80 lines of code removed... and in 6 more scripts that makes the same but for other...
  9. G

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Remove a subimage using GML?

    Hello! I've been trying to remove a subimage from a 52 subimages sprite using GML, I've looked in the manual for a function to achieve it, but unfortunately no hope. So, how I can achieve this using pure GML? Thanks in advance! [ Keep reading the thread for more information ]
  10. K

    Android Remove google analytics extension not compiling

    I can't compile my game anymore when trying to remove the google analytics extension (witch I'm not using) This is what the Compile Windows shows What should I do to remove the google analytics extension properly
  11. A

    Legacy GM Background Help

    The thing is that I want to hide the background (bck_main_screen) and have the drawn background instead!!!:)And then the ability to add the background(bck_main_screen) back into the game later all in the same room... Is this possible??? Thank you!! a quick reply if possible please this is due...
  12. O

    Question - Code [Solved] Removing Place Holder "insert description"

    I am trying to remove this "/// @description Insert description here // You can write your code in this editor" From the beginning every time I create an event. Looked around where I thought it would be in settings and can't seem to find anything. I have to manually delete it each time. I'm new...
  13. S

    Infinite instances?!?

    I have an optimization issue: I'm making a game that builds bricks across a line, and when the line is full it destroys them. But when testing the game, I get 10 or so lines in and the game slows massively. In debug it shows that tons of instances of the brick object are still in the game, even...
  14. Tontete

    Distribution Does compiling remove unused resources?

    As the title says, I wonder if when I compile, will GS:S keep the unused resources that are still in the project folder, or will it remove them to save memory? I know that I can use the "Delete from resource tree deletes from disk" option from the Preferences, and I have done that for a while...
  15. O

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Is it possible to have temporary arrays?

    When I try to instantiate an array like this: var array[0,0]; It gives me an error. Is there a way to have an array that gets deleted after I'm done using it?