1. Tony Brice

    Released Boulderdash - retro remake of the classic C64 game

    I took inspiration from Mike Dailly's dev video creating a remake of Boulderdash a few years back and started working on my own version. I got it mostly done then forgot about it for a couple of years until I resurrected it recently to finish it off. Some elements are the same as the original -...
  2. Gandija

    Knights of xentar remake

    Hello, today i'm showing this 3d remake of knights of xentar. I'm planning change a lot from the original: -this will be an action game. -the erotic cutscenes will be less explicit. I hope you want to play this too.
  3. m0zzy

    Bit of advice/opinion on which design to go for..

    Im making a remake of the ZxSpectrum Classic ‘Trashman’ .. But i thought id make it a bit differant and make it ‘1bit’ as i like the look of 'minit' and other 1bit titles .. But now ive make it ‘black+white’, Im not so sure ... What do u think ..?? Cheers!
  4. R

    Released Donkey Kong Redux - Online Score Saving

    When I was 10 I got a C64 and thought it could be programmed in natutal language. I literally wrote something like: "10 I want a game where I am a plumber who needs to avoid barrels which are launched by Kong by jumping them. I need to reach the top of the screen, etc.." Unfortunately I only...
  5. jeff300

    Free Frantic Freddie

    Announcing the FREE release of one of my retro-remakes for Mac, Windows and Linux: FRANTIC FREDDIE! Description: This game is a remake of the game "Frantic Freddie", originally released in 1983 for the Commodore 64. The original game was created by Kris Hatlelid and Gregor Larson, distributed...
  6. yvodlyn

    Released Sokoban

    Hello everyone, I'm actually making a Sokoban game. The game will have simple graphics because I don't know how to draw. And, I use glow effects and neon effects to increase the beauty of my basic arts. Here some images about the games. let me know if these graphics are good. Thxt!
  7. Megax60

    Remake of ninja gaiden?

    I wanna know if there is a remake or ninja gaiden with gamemaker, so i can modify it and kick that ***** butt With the same bugs and stuff
  8. Tony Brice

    Free Envahi - Vic 20 game remake

    I just released my first complete game in GameMaker Studio 2. Envahi is a classic Vic 20 game that I used to play a lot as a teenager. I entered a competition to code a game in 10 weeks and chose to remake this one for nostalgic reasons. Objective: Save the city below by taking on the aliens...
  9. J

    Berzerk Requiem Atari remake *Help appreciated*

    Berzerk Requiem Atari remake v2.5b Berzerk: Requiem : Otto Destruct - Retro Remake of an awesome classic play v1.0 - Programmer Paul Colaianni - Edits with permission to be revealed. Planned changes if anyone is interested in a commission? (Sprites and sounds in place - Scripting needed for)...
  10. H

    Legacy GM How to make the Peahat enemy from The Legend of Zelda

    Hello! I am trying to remake the Peahat enemies from The Legend of Zelda in Game Maker: Studio. However, I am having trouble mimicking their movement. They go about at random and sometimes move towards Link until they hit him or they miss hitting him, and they go back to just moving around at...
  11. P

    After "Sonic Mania", will Sega allow fans to make Streets of Rage 4?

    After "Sonic Mania", will Sega allow fans to make Streets of Rage 4? A fan game was made about ten years ago, called "Streets of Rage remake", but Sega reportedly told its creators to stop it. The creators made a good game, being faithful to the original trilogy and adding some new things...
  12. S

    Help With Character Creation Code *Remake*

    Hey guys, I know I have already posted a similar thread to this, but I haven't really been working on Gamemaker for some time. So I wanted to make a new post on this subject. Now I have two questions to ask, but I'll only ask the first question as I create this thread and then I'll ask the...
  13. B

    Is it legal to remake a game made by someone else on a different platform and give it the same name?

    I want to make a remake of a flash game I played in my childhood. The game is not yet available for mobile platforms. Is it legal to give it the original name or should I change the name?
  14. W

    [Solved] Help creating a rotation system from an old game?

    Hello, There is an old game, Madness Interactive I'm looking for some help on recreating the hand rotation within this game Here is a gameplay video of the game I found So yes I am looking for a way to recreate the hand rotation system it has, if it is possible. Looking if it's...
  15. Mike

    GameMaker Studio 2 game remakes #GameInADay

    EDIT: Added JetPac stream So over the past week, I've been doing more of my "Game In A Day" games, and now that GMS2 is out, I've been able to stream them! I've been uploading these on youtube so you can see me from start to finish get large chunks of classic games done. If you fancy picking...
  16. C

    Job Offer - Programmer Seeking Programmer for 2D Fighting Game

    So, I'm about to make a pitch to a major publisher for a beloved 2D fighting game from the 90s. We've already scored a meeting with the creator of the franchise and in that meeting it was determined that my team needed to build a proof of concept to get the deal moving forward. The deal is I...
  17. M

    Demo Centipede Recreated in a Week

    So, a few weeks ago, my dad challenged me to remake an arcade game. I accepted, and started remaking Atari's Centipede. Within a matter of 4 hours, I had the centipede's movement recreated. In 2 days, the basic gameplay foundation (shooting mushrooms and centipedes) was created. The next day, I...