1. Jaqueta

     Updating the Game

    So, I have this game, and for the last year I've been releasing my builds every once in a while. Usually, the minimal interval is 2 weeks, and sometimes it got up to 2 months. I've been considering, releasing the builds more frequently, but with less stable features. So, should I stick with the...
  2. Gamerev147

    Beta Warcraze [Top - Down Shooter] OUTDATED

    Welcome! First things first, check out this trailer of Warcraze below. Once you've finished watching, please continue reading for more information. Alright! You interested? Awesome! So here are some main concepts I would like to cover about my game: How it started. The Mechanics. The...
  3. Gamerev147

    Released Warcraze 1.0 Download and Presentation || New Update!

    WARCRAZE Ok so Warcraze has been finished! I've spent a total of 6 months and 3 days on this project and I feel proud of it. I am still open to suggestions because Warcraze is in early access. I will take reasonable requests for what I should do with the game for future updates. I need to...
  4. Zefyrinus

    Button not drawing correctly

    Hi! In my game (in GM 6.1) I have a clickable button which should look as if it's pressed down while you're clicking it. The button itseld is an object and it has two subimages and a variable frame that tells which subimage should be drawn. In the mouse press left event I do this: frame = 1; and...
  5. A

    Box Maze On Steam (Created with GM)

    Hi Peeps :) Box Maze Early Access Description Play with or against friends as a silly box and be the best box you can be by finding your way through unique levels without being destroyed by your enemies as well as other obstacles, encounter new enemies and bosses as you climb the levels and be...