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    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Variable becomes null at seemingly random moments

    Here's how the bug basically goes. I play my game for about 10 to 30 minutes and I get an error that reads as; "<unknown object>.pcolor(100060,-2819230827) not set before reading it." Yet, every time this error has been thrown, this has never been the case. It doesn't matter which variable...
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    Question - IDE Cannot Login into the GMS2 IDE

    Hi, recently i downloaded the GMS2 and i logged in, but when i try to open the IDE later only appears the splash screen, shows an empty desktop, menu and then the ide closes. So, I uninstalled GMS2, then reinstall it, and nothing happens
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    Legacy GM Runner Always Crashing on Game End. Should I Reinstall?

    I having a problem with Gm Studio 1.4.1804. The runner crashes when ever I end the game somehow. Based on the massive number of games that are doing this, and the simplicity of some of the files doing it, I know the problem not my programming, but something is wrong with the way GM is working...
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    Windows Duplicate file breaks GameMaker?

    Hi, everyone! Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find it anywhere! Then again, I'm not sure how to formulate this correctly, but I'll try. (Sorry for all the backstory, hope it isn't too long!) I recently (2 days ago?) started using gamemaker, and did the tutorials on the website...