1. D

    Discussion Moving License from one machine to another.

    Hey guys. I bought a license for game maker studio 2 working on a mac. I am losing access to that mac, I will now have to start working on a pc. Does anyone know of a way to migrate the license I bought for the mac, so i can instead use on the PC?
  2. R

    Can't create Yoyo games account

    Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place for this (checked all the forums and none seemed quite right) I'm trying to make a yoyo games account to use the trial version of Game Maker 2, but when I press the "register" button it doesn't do anything. I don't go to a new page, the "register" button...
  3. T

    YoYo Games will not register--Please help

    I feel as if multiple other people have made posts about this same issue, but I still felt the need to make my own. I have been trying to register on YoYo Games for hours now so that I can download GameMaker and use it, but every time I send in my information I get directed to an error page...
  4. H

    I can't register a new account?

    Hi there, I am new to the Game Maker community, when I went to register as a new member in so I could download Game Maker, I kept receiving the same error, and it says:- "We're sorry, but something went wrong." Over and over, its been happening for multiple days now, I have tried...
  5. The-any-Key

    Asset - Extension WebAPI

    Web-API This is a WebAPI written in PHP that allow you to create an online user database for your game (backend). Setup buttons will create the tables and fields in your mysql database on your web-server. The players can register, validate their email and login with this API. You can also...
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    Hi, veteranDev researching Tools 4 speedDevCycling. Have License, have questions, I did search.

    Hi, should I just jump into this ? First, let me provide a scope for my level of communication here.. I've been working in games since 2003. I mention this as to hopefully avoid needless replies. - Reason for posting: I want to use GameMaker for certain projects for an indie team I am...
  7. V

    Can't register?

    I tried to submit help ticket for this, but submitting a ticket unfortunately requires you to, surprise, register an account. Whenever I try to sign up for a yoyo games account it gives me a "something went wrong" page when I hit "submit". I saw a thread about this a few months ago posted by...