1. Kaliam

    HTML5 HTML5 Game crashing on Safari on IOS 14+ on iPhone (Need help ASAP)

    Hello! My team and I are nearing completion of a project we are working on for HTML5/OpenGL, however, when running the game on Safari/Chrome on iPhone the page will automatically refresh after a 5 - 10 seconds. This happens after getting into our main game world. The main game world has around...
  2. Ricardo

    HTML5 Game runs faster when monitor refresh rate is greater than 60Hz

    Hi there, One of my team members just noticed that our game speed isn't correct in his PC, even though room_speed is locked at 60. The game just runs like 30 to 50% faster (depending of the monitor refresh rate), and we have absolute no clue on how to fix this. This only happen in the HTML5...
  3. Shadowblitz16

     (Suggestion) Screen_Refresh

    can the yoyo game devs add a way to refresh the screen/draw call inside a while loop? this would allow scripts that could be used for initializing, updating, and drawing instead of having to make a separate script for each event. this would also allow script that run as objects and could induce...
  4. S

    Object flickering, monito isn't refreshing fat enough

    I have a game where the charater seems to flickering, because my monitor doesn't seem to refresh fast enough. It looks something like this: (Note that this happends only for about half a second) However, my monitor handels every other game very well without this happening. Do I have to set some...
  5. D

    Windows Wont actively refresh changed files

    A team mate of mine and I are working on a project together and when i save the file from my work station it automatically updates his screen and file in real time, but when he saves changes i cant see anything, i have to close out the file and reopen it. we both downloaded the GameMaker on the...