1. N

    Asset - Project Lucid Engine - Pseudo 3D for GMS2

    Asset Store Link Overview Lucid is for making 3d worlds using 2d art in GMS2. The project includes a variety of scripts intended to simplify the development experience and hide away the rendering logic, so that devs can focus...
  2. S

    GML Calculating a non-axis aligned bounce/reflection vector for collision resolution

    Non-axis aligned 2D reflection vector GM Version: 2.3 (demo is for 2.3 but the concept would work in any version) Target Platform: All Download: A link to the freely available source code and project is available here: Links: Tutorial Video and Github link Summary This video tutorial builds...
  3. P

    Reflection of a character

    My game character looks to the right side. I want that when you press to the left that it reflects to the left. I use this code for the reflection to the left side. A run animation and jump animation I had and its work if (hsp != 0) { image_xscale = sign(hsp) } but when I start the game I...
  4. C

    GMS 2 Reflection of GMS 2 Surface on Layer

    Howdy folks, I've been working on a new project that I could use some help on. I've got a character wearing a helmet with a visor, and I'd like to put a reflection on that visor. I'd like that visor to reflect the pixels in front of this character's face, and draw those pixels on a lower layer...
  5. sv3nxd

    GML [Solved] Reflection Formula

    Sooo ... I had a game-idea where you could draw straight lines/walls with your mouse, which can bounce back projectiles. I first thought the code must be simple but I'm losing all patience after trying and trying, but not getting any results. I have ... - angle of the surface - angle of the...
  6. Tails1000

    GMS 2 Top down RPG reflecting the sky at night

    I'm creating a top down RPG and am planning on having water sources such as lakes reflect the sky above. This is easy to achieve during the day, I just make a transparent water tile and change my background to be clouds or something. But it's when day turns to night is where it becomes tricky...
  7. S

    Top down water reflections?

    I'm making a top-down open world game and I need to know how I would go about having water reflect he world around it. Think of it as if you were looking down at a lake, and seeing the reflections of the world around it. How would I accomplish this? Should I do it with a shader (not great with...
  8. T

    Reflection in Game Maker 2

    Hello guys! Can someone help with the question. How can I make a reflection in the Game Maker 2, as in the picture? Reflection of everything, except that the main character is on one side of reflection and the enemy is on the other?
  9. Jmarlin3

    Issues with wall collision in "pong" game

    The paddle I created will not bounce off the walls and reflect back down on the y-axis. The player has control of the paddles, but when it hits the wall, the paddle bounce down and you continue playing. [/CODE] if keyboard_check(vk_up) vspeed = -3; if keyboard_check(vk_down) vspeed = 3...
  10. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Drawing a sprite on another sprite?

    This is a bit of a tricky one. I'm trying to make a mirror that reflects playable characters. Here are the [basic] sprites (scaled up 5x): They are both 18x24 sprites; "spr_mirror" is the left one, and "spr_mirror_2" is the right one. This is how they work in obj_mirror's draw event...
  11. C

    2D bounce and reflection

    Hi there! This is a problem I've been chewing on for a while that I can't seem to fully grasp. I'm just trying to take a ball and have it bounce around a room at a constant rate, say a breakout ball just launching around the room. It hits a wall, and then it bounces off the wall at the angle of...
  12. P

    Legacy GM (HELP) Water Reflections?

    I've been trying to make some water reflections using surfaces for about 3 - 4 hours now. Nothing I have done seems to work. I want an effect similar to that of the Pokemon games where the reflection moves with the player, and (obviously) is not visible anywhere else but the water. Here is a...
  13. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics Realistic Water Reflection

    Matharoo presents... Realistic Water Reflection 2 bucks only! Get it here GMS 1.x and 2.x versions available! Using this asset, you can make your objects have reflections in the water. The reflections are customizable, as can be seen in the GIFs below. Getting the reflections to work is...
  14. S

    It's posible in gamemaker this perfect reflection?

    Hi, well... i making a game and trying to create a confortly reflection but i can't do it with eficence, anyone know's if it's posible some like this? I'm not good at programming. I need recommendations from people who know more than I do
  15. S

    Performance water reflection [Help]

    Hi there, i have a water reflection code for determinate objects who i want. My question is if anyone know a how to optimize this code to agroup all these object's who i want to reflect to water. This is the code to get reflection DRAW...
  16. S

    [Solved] Player reflection problem :( !

    Hello, i have a issue to create reflection for my game, i want player reflection go to the other side and not following the player, this: My reflection object: Create facing = 1; yypos = 70; step if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_right) facing = 1; if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_left) facing...
  17. S

    Help with player reflection [SOLVED]

    Hi there, i have a problem with a code for my player reflection. When i move right or left the player, the player reflection still on the subimg direction, in this case... Right. For example: Player is walking to Left and the player reflection is on Right This is my object for Reflection...
  18. F

    WATER reflection help

    This is what I'm going for, but ran completly out of ideas how to make it as far as I don't understand bit about shaders, I would just love a reflection of a part of the view and the player that actually updates and is not static and a simple wave/ripple effect on it so it looks like water, can...
  19. I

    Horizontal reflection without xscale

    I'm using a sine wave with xscale to make an object shrink and grow back and forth but is there a way to make it reflect on command without disrupting the size change and without using negative xscales?
  20. Dragon47

    Asset - Shaders 3D Mirrors

    Download demo: This asset lets you easily implement 3D mirrors into your game. The code is written in GML, but an extra (optional) DLL is used for optimization on windows targets. The mirrors have a customizable reflection depth...