1. Didjynn

    [SOLVED] gamepads Xinput of Dinput

    Hello everyone, I made a game playable up to 6 players but it seems some people complain about the impossibility to use more than 4 pads (xbox one officials ireless) at the same time. They say the 5th pad has no reaction at all, it's not just bad input mapping or anything and as far as I know...
  2. Mandarieno

    Cannot Find the .gmz File?

    Hello, I am working on an html5 game in gamemaker that I want to upload on newgrounds. I want to add some medals and found this tutorial on how to implement the Newgrounds API into my GM project. The problem is, I cannot import the .gmz file that the tutorial includes. Gamemaker simply doesn't...
  3. P

    [Solved] Recognition of certain hand gestures (on mobile)?

    I'm thinking of creating a mobile game for Android/iOS. Is it possible for GameMaker to recognize specific hand gestures on a touchpad? Like, draw a circle to attack; draw a square to defend (regardless of the size)? Sidenote: Or even better, a larger circle deals higher damage, but takes...
  4. Dan1

    Android / Amazon Fire Speech Recognition

    Hey :) Is there an extension or some sort of scripting that can be used with GM:Studio to recognise speech input on an android device? This would be for a quiz-style game and saying the answers would be much more entertaining than typing them in! Thanks in advance, Dan