1. PrismaticRealms

     PRDebugConsole: A premium real-time *DEBUG CONSOLE* for GMS 2.3+.

    Hello everyone! We are developing a premium real-time debug console for #GameMaker 2.3+. Please enjoy this entertaining demo preview! Feedback is most welcome! (Note: The following video features the console with it's previous prototype "AMOS Pro" skin. :))
  2. FoxyOfJungle

    Asset - Shaders Realtime Gaussian Blur Shader & Pause Menu (GMS 1.4+ and GMS 2.3+)

    With only 1 shader and 1 function it is possible to make the blur effect realtime, it is a Gaussian effect and does not use two pass blur. With the other shader, it is possible to have more control and several settings (suitable for the Pause Menu). All code is fully customizable, and fully...
  3. Harper

    GMS 2 Help With Dynamic Lighting

    I'm trying to achieve a dynamic lighting effect like in "Thomas Was Alone," however I can't seem to find the right sources. I've been trying to follow this tech blog, but I'm not getting much luck. I'm pretty sure it's outdated, and I want to use objects instead of tiles anyways. Any tips to...
  4. Anixias

    GMS 2 Lag-Friendly Real-Time Networking Tips

    I'm pretty able to write a client-server system really easily, and all of my past attempts (over 40 different projects, I'm sure) had client-server networking topologies (is topologies the right word here?). However, I almost always have weird workarounds to making a direct real-time...
  5. zbox

    Asset - Extension Multiplayer Realtime - Android

    Multiplayer Realtime for Android Marketplace: Category: Extensions - Android Price: $49.99$39.99 Description: Run Multiplayer matches for your Android game without complicated network code or server hosting! This extension uses Google's Realtime API and hence requires the...
  6. L

    Android (sending message to user)and(if real time is 12pm you lose)

    Hey Guys, i need help with my game sending messages to the phone users and i also want to have it were if you don't come back by a certain time you lose. but this is not in game time its real time. EXAMPLE: you plant something and water it. Now you tell the user it needs to be watered again at...
  7. L

    How do i make this?

    I whant to make this i now howto code the item and button but i whant to make it so its like the 11 h 40 m but i dont now how i now how to save and load things but if i have a timer vran if timer == 0 get this item and else timer -= 1 and timer...
  8. MilkMan5x

    Free TYDSP :: basic realtime-audio for gamemaker

    You sir, Sometimes wanted to shove those RAW audio data into Audio-device-thing for ADVANCED audio effects? or just wanted some nice BYTEBEAT music for games? Then this script / project / thing is for you! This boy comes with nifty Bytebeat DEMO :D...
  9. F

    GMS 2 How do I make a realtime level editor?

    basically I need a level editor active while an Ai character interacts with the level while it's being edited.
  10. Mike

    OFFICIAL Realtime 2D lighting - Part 2

    The second part of the realtime 2D lighting Tech Blog is now live. Realtime 2D Lighting in GameMaker Studio 2 - Part 2 "In the last post, I showed you how to create the fundamentals of a 2D lighting system, so in this one I want to carry on the current example and make it more like an actual...