1. XirmiX

    Discussion Would a "Open Universe" even be possible to render in No Man's Sky?

    Notice: This might be in a wrong thread, I am not sure. I decided to talk about this in this forum, because I know a bit more about this forum and programming help has been pretty great so far from the community members, so going through a completely new forum and yadayadaydada would just be...
  2. Binsk

    Windows [UPDATED: 6/6/17] HTC Vive Support [Github Repo]

    EDIT: This project is long dead, poorly organized, and will need a complete rewrite to work with current systems. I may do so in the future but at this point in time it is only good as a casual reference. Hello everyone. Introduction: I have been trying to add support for the HTC Vive to...
  3. Binsk

    Legacy GM Fast access to surface data possible?

    Hello everyone. I am currently attempting to write a wrapper DLL of sorts for OpenVR in order to use the HTC Vive with GameMaker. So far I am able to push rendered data from a GameMaker surface onto the HMD by passing the color data in a u8 BGRA-formatted buffer which I can then pass into an...