1. sinigrimi

    Graphics how to draw realistic walk?

    How to make walking more realistic? Are there any ways to emphasize the beginning of the foot? share your experience please
  2. Dandysius

    Team Request [PAID] Looking for graphics artist!

    I'm offering up to 1500 USD (depending on quality) for creating "realistic looking" graphics for me. Your goal will be to create realistic looking environment with some extra sprites like trench and couple of props (like trees and ground patches etc.) Message me for more info! :) Soldiers will...
  3. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 ARQ2: Realistic War Simulator

    This game was made after the battlefield V cover art controversy and took 7 hours to make. I was baffled by how people kept saying having a woman in a war video game was unrealistic, so I decided to make a realistic war game. No women. No fun. One life. Play this realistic experience here...
  4. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics Realistic Water Reflection

    Matharoo presents... Realistic Water Reflection 2 bucks only! Get it here GMS 1.x and 2.x versions available! Using this asset, you can make your objects have reflections in the water. The reflections are customizable, as can be seen in the GIFs below. Getting the reflections to work is...
  5. johnwo

    What now?

    I've been quiet on this forum for a while... My girlfriend encouraged me not to participate, but since this is beyond what I've normally been doing, and I feel that the community need to know. I love you guys, no matter what..! Me (I'm 26) and my girlfriend (24) are over 20 weeks on the way...