1. ZacKow264

    GMS 2.3+ Real fps drops greatly when creating new path

    I have a monster that follows you, using mp_potential_path_object to get to you without walking through walls. As the player can move, the monster deletes the previous path and creates a new one every 3 seconds (room_speed * 3). According to the debugger, this causes a drop in real fps whenever...
  2. V

    GML Convert precise number from string

    Is there any way to convert string like "‭0.01780942‬" to a number ? I used real() function but it automatically rounds to "0.02". code (file_read is a string): file_read = real(file_read); output: DECODE_fileRead: 0.02 (file_text_read_real() gives the same result)
  3. SupernaturalCow

    GMS 2 Buffer value is an int32 but not a real?

    Hi all, I don't really understand why an unsigned, 8-bit integer fast buffer could read a value that returns true for "is_int32" but not "is_real". Is this another bug, or am I missing something about the way GM handles data types? var _class_id = buffer_read(_bufferSave, buffer_u8), // 7...
  4. B

    GMS 2 REAL argument is undefined?

    IDE: v2.2.2.413 Runtime: v2.2.2.326 Hey, I'm having an issue with the new Studio 2 update that just hit. I recently updated and out of the blue, I'm having an issue converting a saved string to a real variable using the "real" function. I've switched back to the previous and the...
  5. P

    real("2+a") variable in string in real

    is something like this possible a = 5; str = "2*a" b = real(str) show_message(string(b))
  6. Ronchon

    After updating to latest version: 310/359 outputs a result of 0 ?!

    Hi! After updating to latest version, i've witnessed a few weird corrupted calculation results in my game. No errors, just odd values. After narrowing one down, i diagnosed it with debug messages and found out the variables involved were in an apparently corrupted state. Neither a real, nor a...
  7. A

    GML Real Time Upgrades

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use GMS2 to code a real life timer into an app that runs even when the app isnt open. (Such as how an upgrade in the popular game Clash of Clans can take 2+ days in real time). I cannot think of code I would use to even start this, which is bugging me...
  8. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics Platformer Water Reflection

    Matharoo presents... Platformer Water Reflection >> GET HERE << The quickest way to add water with reflections in your platformer game! It's as easy as dropping an object into a room, as seen in the second GIF below. Available for both GMS 1.x and 2.x. If you're looking for top-down water...
  9. C

    Cannot get floating variable

    anybody pls help me, how to get floating value to my variable, its go rounding. a = 5.12345; b = 5.11111; c = a+b; the result was showing 10.23 please give me any idea how i get more decimal points.
  10. zendraw

    Legacy GM From string to real

    Hi, so im trying to write a text !@#F!@E! and turn that text into real numbers like this !=5 @=6 #=120 F=12 etc. this idea came from the fact that the characters in the font are numbers and what i tryed is stats=chr(5)+chr(1)+chr(12)+chr(42); and then im not sure how to turn those characters...
  11. L

    Legacy GM How to Convert Bytes to String? viceversa?

    Hello, I wanted to know how i could take a string, for example "Hello" and convert it to bytes "33749023" ? I saw this one example posted by someone on reddit seed = 0; s = "my string seed"; for(var i=0; i<string_byte_length(s); i++) { random_set_seed(seed); seed =...
  12. J

    Legacy GM Input (get_string_async) [SOLVED]

    Hey, i never did something like working with strings and numbers together and i'm from germany so please dont talk about my english^^ My code is something like this: global.amount = get_string_async("Wie viel willst du aufladen?","") global.v = 0 string_digits(global.amount) global.v =...
  13. J

    Legacy GM Weird change? file_text_write_real saving reals in the millions in exponential notation

    In my Pac-like Octropolis, I've always used a simple text file for saving out high scores, using file_text_write_real(). It's always worked well for me, UNTIL.... Something in a recent version of Game Maker has started causing the game to write out reals in the range of millions to the...
  14. O

    A dull experiment and question about the BIGGEST Real in GMS.

    Yes, I did an experiment to get the range of GMS' Reals. Well, I'd heard that tan(π/2) won't get stuck though, and according to the graph, in tan(x),when x closes to π/2 from the left side, it could lead to a very very BIG number, as big as +infinity. However, I have a try but the result is...