1. Lens

    GMS 2 Need help retrieving (reading) data from ds_grid

    Hello! I'm making a tile-matching game (Tetris). After a piece fall down and collides for a second its' underneath collision rectangle, it creates "Dead tiles" so to say ( gets converted into 4 "dead" objects). //In one of the pieces Triggered alarm if collidedU = 1 { global.Morph = 1...
  2. zendraw

    GML Grid read string from included file

    Is it possible to read a string from an included file? i mean ds_grid_read(grid, includedfile); baring in mind that the string in the included file is saved with ds_grid_write();
  3. Geners

    Is there any way to read ini files from within the project folder?

    I have made two projects, one is the actual game, and one is an editor I made inside game maker that creates ini files that my actual game will use that contains a ton of data the game will need to access. Is there any way I can move all these ini files I'm creating to the game project folder...
  4. M

    Android Remove read phone state

    Hello. I have a problem. I cant delete the permission "READ_PHONE_STATE". I use apk expansion and licence. Try everything. Try to manually search from windows on all files. There is only the permission when after compiling they remain in the temporary folder, which I also delete and recompile...
  5. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Client reads 6th buffer incorrectly (possible engine error?)

    I've pinned down a strange issue while writing buffers, that seems to be out of reach for me to solve. I have 10 buffers being written from server to client to load content onto the client by specifying static and then dynamic contents' data. Everything is transferred correctly EXCEPT the 6th...
  6. G

    Read out HTML Text

    Hi there! I try to read out some text from a HTML Document on a Website, which is not hosted by me. Is there anyway to do this? The Application should run in Android. - Greetings
  7. Simon Gust

    GML Fastest way to read / write using data structures

    I have some questions regarding data structures. I know that they are altered arrays with various features in them making them suitable for different situations. In my situation, I want to read and write a lot of data in a single draw. My idea was to use a ds_stack to push and pop data super...
  8. Samuel Venable

    [SOLVED] Store entire text file contents in string (GM 8.1)

    I wrote a script for my Execute Statement extension which allows me to read the entire contents of a VBScript text file. It works in GMStuido 1.4 and 2. But for whatever reason I can't get it working in GM 8.1. It's obvious legacy GM can do this too, but needs to be done slightly different in...
  9. C

    Efficient Way to Read Multiple JSON Files

    Hey Everyone, I by no means am having trouble grabbing data from some JSON files in my project, but I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me in a more efficient way to read multiple JSON files. Because I'm running the same lines of code for each file, I can't help but wonder if there's a better...
  10. 2

    GML Write ds_map to ini file, Read ds_map from ini file

    How do I write a ds_map into an ini file and then reassemble the map from an ini file's contents so I can use it in game? The actual ini values should be difficult to edit ds_map gibberish. How do I put it back together as a ds_map in game, so I can check the individual key values, and set them...
  11. Misu

    storing a decimal value in a buffer

    Im trying to look for an alternative way of storing a decimal value in a buffer. if I store something decimal, it would floor the value and I need it to save the exact number. What ways can be done to resolve this?
  12. 2

    Legacy GM Using Txt file: Write to Buffer, Read String from Line, Send to Var to Display Character Dialog

    How do I put a txt file into a buffer then read specific lines from it? (eg. like how file_text_open_read() and file_text_readln() do without a buffer) I need to read strings with both numbers, and letters then feed it to a variable for display. Also I want to be able to add lines together in...
  13. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Selecting a random character from a text file

    Trying to make a script create a 16-character string variable and write it inside a text file through randomly selecting from the characters of that are inside another text file. The only way I could think of . And I'm pretty sure the "file.txt".data is wrong, but I don't know what would be...
  14. jb skaggs

    GML ds_grid conventions

    when is it preferrable and why to use these items that seem to be the same thing: my_grid[#1,1]=string; ds_grid_add(my_grid,x,y,string); ds_grid_set(my_grid,x,y,string); same thing with reading string=my_grid[#1,1]; string=ds_grid_get(my_grid,x,y); thanks
  15. NathanAuckett

    Windows INI File with Base64

    Hi! Our current project uses ini files to save all it's data. I decided to try and encode it using the basic base64_encode/decode functions and made some scripts to make that process simpler. The script would take the normal ini arguments, encode the section, key and value, and then save as...
  16. G

    Reading a nonexistent value as "true"

    I just released a new update for my game and it includes a new boolean global variable to define if a new function is on or off. Once the update is installed, I want that variable to be "true" by default, but here's what happens: At the start of the game, I run a script to initialize all...
  17. B

    Android How to read a json file with gml?

    Hello, the project for now I test it on windows desktop but in the future I will do it for android but detail my subject I am trying to load my json file enemys.json, how would that be? Detail as it would be the... enemys.json { "ENEMYS":[ { "ENE_ID":1...
  18. D

    Ini Problem (Read from ini)

    Hello.I made a simple gml script that will store the global.gamemod variable in an ini file. if !file_exists('mods.ini'){ ini_open('mods.ini') ini_write_string('Main','mod',global.gamemod) ini_close() } The ini file looks like that : [Main] mod="strike" mod="dm" The problem here now is, I am...
  19. G

    Writing then Reading URL Information

    I am going to write the code and the questions I have correspond accordingly. Let's say I have two objects... object_writer Create Event: http_post_string(/*QUESTION 1*/, 123); object_reader Draw Event textToRead = /*QUESTION 2*/ draw_text(x, y, textToRead); Question 1: What is an example...
  20. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Setting up a list in a script can't be read by objects even if it's global?

    Well... the title pretty much says it all. Even when the list is set to global, no object can find it for some reason. Am I using scripts wrong or am I missing something?