1. C

    I need help sorting a ds_grid

    Hi there guys, iv'e been strugling with a problem for a week now and i could really use some help, for some context im trying to implement field of view using the ray casting method (iv'e adapted a method from roguebasin to gml), everything is working fine except one thing, so i keep a ds_grid...
  2. F

    GML Help/Advice with a 3D selection engine?

    Hi Everyone! Apologies if this question has been asked before, I've been looking around for quite some time, but I can't seem to find anything, which makes me think I must not be looking at things from the right perspective. I'm looking for some advice, resources, or tips with a mind to...
  3. C

    Need Help With 3D Raycasting

    Hello! So I started playing around with GameMaker's 3D functions a few days ago and have been trying to build my own Minecraft clone (original, I know). I've had very few issues thus far, however now I'm stuck. I'm trying to build a system that allows the player to build/break blocks, just like...
  4. Posho

    GMS 2 Range Movement With Collision

    Hello, I am trying to make an enemy move to a random position within a radius. First the position is set and then it travels in the Step Event. It has to move to a position that is longer than a minimum value and shorter than a maximum value. This is how I went with it: Define target position...
  5. FatalSleep

    Quick Ray-Traced (QRT) Lighting Tutorial

    GM Version: GM:S 2 ( IDE, RunTime). Target Platform: Any (As long as they support GLSL ES Shaders). Difficulty: Hard Download Example: Google Drive GitHub: Repo & Technical Writeup Summary: This tutorial will cover the difficulties of lighting and my specific solution using...
  6. V

    Windows So Much Laserz! - retro puzzle-platformer with lasers

    Hello! Finally I took courage to show you guys what little abomination I commited :) So Much Laserz! (quite cringey title, isn't it?) is a game I made for one of my college projects, over a year ago, and after getting positive feedback from my friends, parents and my course instructor AND after...
  7. D

    GMS 2 Box2D Raycasting?

    Hey all, I'm making a physics based game and need some sort of raycasting system to determine line of sight and stuff for the AI. I know we have collision_line and those other functions, but those aren't for Box2D physics and thus won't be very accurate (or perhaps even possible) in some...
  8. ras maxim

    Raycasting engine - help needed

    Hello. I am trying to implement a simple raycasting algorythm in Game Maker Studio 1.4 following the tutorials by Permadi and Lode Vandevenne and I need some help. Project file: Download Compiled executable: Download Things I want to improve: Division by zero bug. When checking for...
  9. wadaltmon

    3D Changing Movement Distance Based on Distance from Camera (P3DC, Raycasting)

    Hello! Background: I am creating a 3D, isometric RPG. In order to make collisions more expedient, I am using the P3DC extension. As in most isometric RPGs, the mouse is used to control where the player character will move and what the player will interact with. As such, I implemented a ray...
  10. R

    Legacy GM I Need Help With Fake 3D 2D First Person Engine

    I have been working on just the fake 3D engine of my game for days now and can't seem to create the view in the video below. I think I have figured out how to scale the sprites correctly. I can't seem to figure out how to rotate the world sprites. I can only slide world sprites on the x axis to...
  11. M

    How would i use raycasting to create a Wolfenstein 3D type of game?

  12. S

    Specific Objects

    I am doing a project with raycasting, and I need to find a unique id of the object hit by a collision line is that possible? And, if so how?
  13. K

    3D How to make a basic 3D game using raycasting?

    Well, first post on the new GM forums! I know it's probably a big ask here; but how would you make a basic 3D game where you can move around and collide into walls, which uses the raycasting technique (like the old Id Software games)? It's always interested me and I kinda wanna try out...
  14. B

    Legacy GM Question My Ray Casting Game

    Hello! I'm currently making a ray casting game (The illusion of 3D) and I've ran into a problem. I have made a script that draws whatever instance's sprite next to the game area (Where all the 2D stuff happens (i'll include a few pictures)). I've made a vision cone and whatever is in that vision...
  15. B

    Legacy GM Vision Cone Problem

    Hello, right now i'm making a ray casting game (the illusion of 3D) but I've run into a problem and i'm not able to do myself. Basically, (This is all in the 2D room) I've got my 90 degree vision cone coming out like a triangle from my player. I've done this by drawing 3 lines. Then I send a...