1. erayzesen

    Simple Raycast Script

    Hi all. I released a raycast code to use your any projects; Note: It support Game Maker Studio v2.3 and new versions; Check it out: (with online demo): https://erayzesen.itch.io/simple-raycast The method; var...
  2. Posho

    GMS 2 Range Movement With Collision

    Hello, I am trying to make an enemy move to a random position within a radius. First the position is set and then it travels in the Step Event. It has to move to a position that is longer than a minimum value and shorter than a maximum value. This is how I went with it: Define target position...
  3. wadaltmon

    3D Changing Movement Distance Based on Distance from Camera (P3DC, Raycasting)

    Hello! Background: I am creating a 3D, isometric RPG. In order to make collisions more expedient, I am using the P3DC extension. As in most isometric RPGs, the mouse is used to control where the player character will move and what the player will interact with. As such, I implemented a ray...
  4. A

    GML Ground detection diy raycast problem

    I'm making a sidescroller platformer engine but I've run into a strange problem. This might be a somewhat advanced question. The initial collision detection / motionstopper works brilliantly. When I reach the DIY raycast which is essentially a for loop acting as a pixel perfect raycast, it...