1. B

    Android Need bug confirmation. Please help anyone!

    Hi huys! Please anyone confirm you have this bug too. Steps: 1. Compile an apk of the landscape(not sure if required) game(with normal compile mode. Not yyc.) 2. Run the game from the launcher of your phone. 3. Once you see the game is starting(for me its 200-400 ms) block your phone...
  2. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Getting the Ratio Right

    I'm trying to find a resolution that is in between 320x180 and 640x360. That can scale to 1280x720p and 1920x1080p. For the type of game I'm making the 320x180 is too "close" or "zoomed in" and the 640x360 is too "far." For the time being I found that 426x240 actually looks like it work, but...
  3. Erayd

    GMS 2 Scaling GUI object placement

    I have a theory I'm wondering if anyone passing by here can confirm or not. My gui layer is set to the resolution of the player's monitor so as to have the highest resolution for certain graphics. Before I built that function in, I had been setting all my element's locations by static values...
  4. zendraw

    Windows [SOLVED] Maths question

    i will write the problem like a math problem. feed F to W and H so after calculating W/H you end up with a ratio equal to R. R = 1.3; W = 32; H = 32; F = 32; -so basically how do i calculate how much W and H gets from F so i can get a desired ratio after the W/H calculation?
  5. D

    Design Game Resolution - Scaling

    Hello, I want to ask, with method is best to use to SCALE your game. 1.Method I´ll make game in resolution of 1200x1920 and set in game 1200x1920 (view), but port will be set besides current device (+borders of aspect ratio). Will this method be bad for FPS, when you will play it on weaker...
  6. C

    Question - IDE How could I keep the sprites properly proportioned?

    For when I'm editing room settings, is there an easy way/mathematically sound way to make sure the pixels of the sprites will always display as 1:1 squares? Edit: I probably just have to check the docs for how the room settings are supposed to work.
  7. H

    [Solved] how to see more play area

    I have a problem which seems like it should have a simple solution. I want to see more of the level in my screen, without the game changing the x and y scale of the image, and I don't care if there are black bars making up for the rest of the window size. I started making my game with...
  8. GewoonNiels

    Continious Room - Views Problem

    Hello and ty for trying to help me already, Making a certain (side scrolling) room in my 2d game, was according to me not very difficult. It would be a room which simply continued at the beginning when you reached the end of a room (x = room_width). It should also work vise versa, when you...
  9. T

    Android Sony Xperia Z2 Scaling

    Hi there! For the game I am currently working on I use my Sony Xperia Z2 as Debug device. As some of you might know the screen is 1920x1080, so it's a normal 16:9 ratio. But the Xperia line (and I think the Nexus too) has a feature that is bugging me while debugging (pun not intended). Unlike...