1. zenomex

    GMS 2.3+ Scan for specific object in range of another object

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to come up with a function that checks if a specific object is in range of the object the code is written in. I've read things such as using "with(all)", using a ds_list and having a variable in every single object... but I'm stuck and I'd like to know what is the...
  2. C

    Need some help with the "out of range" error ( I'm loving and hating arrays at the same time) || warning: [bad english inside]

    Hello, and thank you for reading this. I'm searching for any help to understand this problem I have some issues with an array I made in a "Oconsole" object to be consulted from others objects events. I initiated it this way (Object: Oconsole | Event Create) _______________________ for(var...
  3. Posho

    GMS 2 Range Movement With Collision

    Hello, I am trying to make an enemy move to a random position within a radius. First the position is set and then it travels in the Step Event. It has to move to a position that is longer than a minimum value and shorter than a maximum value. This is how I went with it: Define target position...
  4. S

    GMS 2 (Help) Array index out of range

    I was making a scrolling system in gamemaker 2 and I got an error I cannot seem to figure out! Create: Draw: Step: Error:
  5. KPJ

    GMS 2 get all enemies within a range (GMS2) (SOLVED)

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know a simple way to get all the instances within a specific range? Because I have a game where I want all the enemies in a range of 100 to be in an "alert" state. How would I go about doing this? Thanks!
  6. T

    How know if a Wall is between 2 objects

    Hello , i need help : I have a enemy who go on my player object why his pathfinding and when he is at range he stop and shot arrow, My problem is i need to know how know if the place between the ennemy and the player is free of Wall . Actualy is a Wall is between the enemy and the player...
  7. S

    Checking instance direction within ranges [SOLVED]

    I'm new and working on an Asteroids game to learn GMS. I need some coding help with the following: Certain collisions cause asteroids to bounce and obtain new directions, and if vertical or horizontal near the screen edges, they can seem to disappear from view. My goal is to have a constantly...
  8. H

    Legacy GM How to create instances at random_range but NOT if instance_place(random_location,object)?

    Hello! I am trying to make some enemies spawn randomly in a room. The only issue is that they sometimes spawn inside blocks and they get stuck. How would I go about fixing this? I am using random_range to specify the region they should spawn within. Any help would be very much appreciated! -...
  9. F

    Issue with Dash Mechanic and Wall Clipping

    Hi, first time posting to this form so if this is in the wrong section please let me know. I have been working on a side scrolling platformer that allows the player to dash while in mid air. I have been successful in building the ability its self, however when transitioning between the dash...
  10. M

    Free Our first game is out now: Tappin Range!

    Tappin Range The first Game created by Mr. X2 Studios! Are you ready to enter the Tappin Range? This game will test your fast reflexes, your target judgement and will train you to be a real Tappin Range MASTER! This game provides you with 9 awesome levels that will get harder every single...
  11. A

    GML How do you get inst ID's of object within a given range?

    Hi all. I have a 'bomb' type object in my game, and I want this bomb to deal different damage to enemies depending on enemies' distance to the bomb object--the closer they are the more damage, the farther away the less damage, etc. My problem is I dont know how to make the bomb 'speak' to all...
  12. xDGameStudios

    Discussion [REQUEST] Motion planning

    As happy as I am (OR NOT :p ) with the motion planning system (there are some lacking functionalities that could added CHANGES:: mp_grid_add_cell(id, h, v); to mp_grid_add_cell(id, h, v, [value]); USAGE: the optional value could be used as cost for other motion planning functions! (as gml...
  13. N

    global variable range

    Hey everyone!!! : ) I have what I would hope is a very simple and straight forward question. How would you ask in code if (global.fillintheblank is between -5 and +5){ instance_create(x,y, buttface); } Thank you very much. Your answer is much appreciated.
  14. S

    Variable problem

    I'm a bit new to this so sorry for any newbie mistakes but i really need help with this, so i made a variable that SHOULD make my character's shots more inaccurate. But this doesn't really work, in my understanding it should add to the value of X and Y the value between -50 and 50, but this...
  15. Shadowblitz16

    Question - Code Array index out of range

    can someone tell me why I get a push error that the variable "ChargeL" is out of range of my array when I release fire?