random generation

  1. A

    GML Counting keys in .INI section

    Hiya there! First time poster: Dyslexic, Used to DnD but need to add some code here and there. I am making a simple theme generator that reads a .ini file. I am currently setting up the system that counts how many themes are in the system so the random number function understands how many...
  2. L

    GMS 2.3+ save the state of a randomly generated world?

    some time back I created a game that featured a cave that randomly generated itself every time you left and came back, it was a crappy game but I want to make a game similar to terraria or that one obscure scuba flash game but I haven't been able to save my randomly generated worlds and reload...
  3. hans

    Hexagonal Random Generation

    Is there a way to randomly generate a world with hexagonal tiles?
  4. GamerGuy941

    Legacy GM Randomized Generator Always Producing Rows of Straight Lines

    I have a weird glitch, in GMS v1.4.9999, where I made a randomized generator for level creation. It works just fine, aside from one small issue. Any time I run it, the generator produces results similar to this: The top, bottom right, and bottom left areas are all straight lines. When I run it...
  5. G

    GMS 2 Procedural generation: creating prebuilt room templates in a GMS2 Room and combining them into one level

    Hello, I'm working on a game that will use a combination of procedural generation and prebuilt rooms to create its levels. Currently, the layout of each prebuilt room is specified via a character string (in which each character represents a tile, object, NPC, etc.). This method has the...
  6. Wicked

    GML Grid index out of bounds help

    I've been following this tutorial on how to randomly generate levels using code, but when I get to the part where he shows the floor tiles in the game as randomly generated, my computer just loops a Grid 0, index out of bounds writing thing that just increases This is the code
  7. A

    Randomly Spawned Enemys

    I am attempting to get randomly spawned enemys within a 1920x1080 room, but every tutorial/forum i have visited was pretty old and none worked. if somebody has a script, please let me know.
  8. B

    Tile Help!

    So I was wondering if it is possible to take a specific tile in a tile set and have it be drawn at a speific point, through code not hand drawn. Because I have made a random map generator from perlin noise and want to set in game chuncks to a specific sprite.
  9. I

    Legacy GM Random Sprite Generation (with a sprite running more time)

    (Sorry if my english is horrible but I really need help) I am making a game for my friend's B-day and I need to speed the things up. I am doing a fnaf fan game (sorry but I kinda like the game) and I'm just stucked thinking how I make sprites running randomly BUT with a Main Sprite. I think I'm...
  10. Meowanator

    Random Metroidvania Item Generation

    I'm working on a Metroidvania style game, but I want the items to be placed randomly. The problem is that I don't know how to add in logic for choosing which items go where. There can't be items blocked off by other items, for example: - The high jump boots can't be in an area requiring high...
  11. TheGameDevGuy

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer Looking for work :D 12 Years Experience

    Hey everyone, Ive been around out and about on the forums, but i would like to propose an agreement of my services, I am indeed looking for paid work. Here is some of my works: - Noise generated biome maps with height, humidity, temperature and an augmentation layer of randomness...
  12. K

    Dungeon arrangement / random generation

    Is there a way of placing pre-made rooms inside of bigger rooms in Game Maker Studio 2? Basically, I'm trying to figure out a way of making a random dungeon, Binding of Isaac -style, so I'd be making rooms by hand each in its "own room" in GMS2, and then loading/applying them into one bigger...
  13. S

    GMS 2 Random Instance Destroy Issues

    I'm trying to create some bottle objects for my sprite to pick up and having quite a few issues with it. Using a timer, I got it to randomly spawn across the room. But now when confronted with trying to destroy an object at a time, my current code with destroy only one object, but I can't seem...
  14. NicoFIDI

    Legacy GM Maze generator

    Hello, as a result of try and error I finally made a random maze generator, it's not perfect and the discussion I want to start it's about some other ways to generate a maze. The code has 2 parts a base and the polish The base it's straight fordward and the easiest one to understand Then to...
  15. Anixias

    GMS 2 Perlin Noise for Random Map Generation with different Map Types

    I have written a set of scripts and a "class" called class_perlin. Basically, I call randomize() or random_set_seed(), then instantiate the perlin class. Then, I can access any location in the generated perlin noise. I can also set a "static" variable called noiseRepeat to anything above 0 if I...
  16. Y

    Hardcore Parkour

    Hey! I've been a long time member of the Dutch Game Maker Community, but that community has pretty much died out so I decided to post my new project here. Hardcore Parkour is a fun and challenging arcade game in which you have to traverse randomly generated areas to get the highest score...
  17. E

     2D Platformer Procedural Generation System (PPGS)

    Hi guys, recently I have been stuck to the idea of procedural generation for a platformer and hence, I decided to create a test project to see how much i can learn and achieve with this while keeping track of my progress on the forum. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave a post...
  18. A

    Legacy GM Instance Create at end of Repeat

    So I've been following a Youtuber's tutorials on random generation (Name can be discussed if needed) and finished it up, but now I want to add a bit to a line of code. //Create level using 1000 steps; repeat(500) { //Place floor tile at controller position grid[# cx, cy] = FLOOR...
  19. G

    Legacy GM Doubts about TouchScreen, positions and respawn

    How are you guys. Firstly, thank you in advance, those who will make available some of your time and knowledge to help me. I'm new to all GameMaker technology. Bad I know the basics of programming for the games, but I'm trying to learn. For this reason, I need your help. I would like you to...
  20. Dragon47

    Free Procedural island generation

    This is an example of how you can do endless procedural island generation with a shader. It was programmed in GameMaker Studio 1, and the source can be downloaded from here: https://goo.gl/DhVv6C The controls are explained in the top left of the application. You can run the application in your...