1. RefresherTowel

    Free Bullet Dash (Opera GX)

    So when the Opera GX platform was released, I started working on a little multiplayer game to give it a try. Bullet Dash is the end result. I wanted it to be a week-long dev cycle, but it got out of my control and ended up being around two-three weeks of work (figuring out how to best work with...
  2. Fluury

    REDLINE CROOKS: Top-down Roguelite Combat Racing

    Hey! Since the start of the year I've been working hard on a project called Redline Crooks! It's a fast-paced combat racing game in which tracks are randomly generated and you are chased by the law, with heavy emphasis on rewarding taking risks and generally playing fast and bold, rather than...
  3. Lewa

    Steam Celaria - 3D Parkour Platformer

    Celaria is a first-person racing parkour platformer in which the player races against the time on various tracks. Find the fastest path to the goal and take advantage of the environment in order to improve your runs as much as possible. Features include: Singleplayer Mode (25 maps with 5...
  4. I

    Game! Catch the bones

    Hello everyone, This is my first game ever. It was designed to be a casual game where you can have a little bit of fun after a day of working.I would appreciate if you could download it and give me some feedback. Below you will be able to find the link for downloading it and see some...
  5. Walky

    Idea Racing game concept using 360 degrees motion control photography (not photogrammetry)

    During the last couple of days I've been working on and off on a quick prototype of a racing game. I've wanted to make 360 degrees sprites using motion control for some time now (this is pretty much the reason I made this), and it turned out better than expected so I might as well keep working...
  6. A

    Any tips on setting up a scrolling background similar to Spyhunter NES?

    I know how to create a scrolling star-field background with random generated pixels for stars, but I can't grasp a good approach on how to make scrollable tiles like the Spyhunter NES game. Not asking how to make a tile-set, but how would someone make the background scroll, and keep collisions...
  7. RobertRamsay

    Asset - Graphics Shoot Em Up , Racing, Golf, Isometric and Pixels

    Projects and Graphics assets on my marketplace. Check them out here:
  8. BCrash

    Velocity - Twitch Racing Game controlled by chat

    VELOCITY is a Twitch streaming game controlled by chat commands (yes, it's designed to work with Twitch's delay). To start type play in chat (while no one is playing). Then use a to move left or d to move right. You get points for avoiding other cars and collecting coins. Once you crash your...
  9. RedKnight91

    Free Drift Spirit [racing-action game]

    Hi! Drift Spirit is a drift car sim for those who, like me, have no clue about drifting cars and don't give a damn. Perform drifts to level up your driftometer, yay! Initially born as a quick test for a movement engine, I decided to go ahead and test a lot more things which I had never tried...
  10. Thomas N

    Steam Top Down Racer

    Hi, I just released my game "Top Down Racer" in early access on Steam. It would be great if you could tell me what you think about it. :) Link to Steam Store Page
  11. Smiechu

     Old-school racing (WIP)

    Hehe! Yeah, I know it's nothing special, but I've wanted to prove myself a little bit, learn new things, get out of the box, have fun, take a break from my main project. I've managed to establish an old-school style racing engine with random - procedural generated tracks :D Car behavior...
  12. thom

    Steam Ultimate Racing 2D

    Ultimate Racing 2D is the ultimate top-down racing game, with 35 racing classes, over 45 visual stunning tracks, extensive career mode, championship mode and online multiplayer mode. Features: 35 racing classes 300+ different cars 45+ tracks Online multiplayer up to 20 players Extensive...
  13. S

    Android Crash Hour

    Hi, this is my first game that I published in last October. Game is completely free and ad-free, I made it mostly to gain some experience. I hope you will enjoy it! If you have any feedback, I'm all ears. Google Play Store...
  14. Nicolai

    Free Retro Highway

    Get it on App Store: Get it on Google Play: Hit the Retro Highway and return to the days of blast processing and pure arcade fun! Retro Highway is a throwback mobile game aiming to combine the accessibility of modern titles with the high-skill...
  15. M

    2d top down racer shooter

    Hi there, I am making a 2d top down driver/shooter game. So far, it's going good. However, I cannot gt an desired collision effect with AI opponents on paths. I want a 'spinout' sort of effect. (360 rotation) At the moment, I have this for o_enemy (which is obviously the AI test vehicle): in...
  16. acidemic

    Alpha Ivan Race - 2D Physics Rally Game

    I am currently working on the 2D racing game with the working title "Ivan Race". I started this project in GMS 1.4 and after some while moved it to GMS2. I love the new cameras system introduced in GMS2 although I am not fond of it's overloaded, heavy interface. All game levels will be...
  17. M

    Released Three Star Driver

    Three Star Driver is Now available now: Three Star Driver is a fast paced driving game! No Brakes! No Gas! Just Speed! Drive thru Traffic and avoid vehicles! 16 Levels ranging with Four Speeds! Slow, Fast, Pro and Extreme! Two Difficulty setting...
  18. A

    Mac OSX Drift Racing Physics

    Hey guys, i need help! ;) First of all sorry for my english! I'm Italian I'm trying to create a racing game on my Game Maker Studio 2 (I have an Imac) and I found a really good tutorial by rm2kdev but I have some problems because he works with the gamepad codes! Can you help me to...
  19. V

    super off road racing game programmer needed

    im an artist and am wanting to make a super off road inspired racing game. looking to hire someone to code and program the game. will obviously pay for your services. any information would be greatly appreciated. if anyone knows a game programmed out there already i could purchase please let me...
  20. G

    Legacy GM How calculate position in Top-Down racing game?

    Hi. I need help. I don't know how calculate position in my racing game. Does anyone know?