racing game

  1. D

    Top down racing game: track tiles and offroad areas

    Hi all, I'm working on a topdown racing game, my idea is to draw different terrains surfaces and tracks using tile layers. one tile layer for terrain (grass, dirt, sand ecc...), one tile layer for the track (straight, curve ecc...) and one instance layer for objects (houses, fences ecc...)...
  2. T

    GML Replacement for built in speed functions?

    So I'm trying to make some sort of F-Zero like racing game, but I'm using the built in speed variables and functions because I don't know how to achieve what i want with custom variables, which is already bad because the built in speed variables are way too jank. The other problem with them is...
  3. Thomas N

    Steam Top Down Racer

    Hi, I just released my game "Top Down Racer" in early access on Steam. It would be great if you could tell me what you think about it. :) Link to Steam Store Page
  4. M

    Legacy GM How to assing hierarchical value to variables without repeting positions

    Hi, I'm having trouble making a position system in a race game. What I was expecting is that if any of the four players, for example Player A, hits the lap detection zone first he will be in first place and if Player B hits the lap detection zone next and both have the same ammount of laps...