1. S

    Legacy GM A Quirk in Precise Sprite / Object Collision with Filled Squares

    I have discovered a quirk in how precise collision is determined with the collision_line() function. Using a small sprite (8x8) with one color and several frames as a map* for collision, most of which are angled slopes and one frame as a solid block, I learned that this solid block does not...
  2. Dr_Nomz

    GML Rectangles, drawing quirk (wtf)

    if (abs(mouse_x - x) < 48) && (abs(mouse_y - y) < 48){ draw_set_color(c_ltgray); draw_rectangle(x-48,y-48,x+47,y+47,0) So what this does is it creates a rectangle (duh), but the way it works is it creates a little square box on every CORNER from the center origin, meaning that instead of...
  3. DisOmikron

    Portfolio - Audio [LFW] Christoph Jakob | Composer & Sound Designer ~ Quirky, Retro, Melancholic

    Hey everyone! I am Christoph Jakob, freelance composer and Sound Designer from Germany. I compose in a variety of styles and I specialize in quirky & joyful, chiptune and melancholic music. SoundCloud: - Bandcamp: https://disomikron.bandcamp.com/ - Royalty-Free Music...