1. Andrew R. C. Beck

    HTML5 Eggs Factor! = Egg Farming Clicker.

    https://cwgames.itch.io/eggs-factor [ This was a very quick personal 'JAM' of sorts that is the product of a day and a bit of work - ENJOY! :)] ------------------- Hey hey hey! Have you ever wanted to be a chicken farmer and earn that coin? Well now you can with this fun little clicker...
  2. 2

    Asset - Scripts Asset Sale: Quick Debug, Show Variable Set Pages

    Have you ever had trouble visualizing what your variables are doing? Do you wish you could have watched the values of them to catch an error that you searched a long time for? Then this asset is for you, and it's deeply discounted for the time being. It allows you to watch variables over time...
  3. Widget

    Windows Polterheist (Jam Game)

    itch.io page here! Just download and it's playable. Instructions included in-game. --- Game jam theme: Seeing is Believing Time allocated: 48 hours --- Everything was made by myself aside from music. 'Rebel With Dangerous Ideas' is from the album 'evereffervescent' by HALLEY LABS.
  4. E

    Free The Jungle

    The Jungle is a speedy puzzle platformer made for the Summer of #FastToCompleteGames Jam. It is free to download and play. Working high scores on the windows version, or you can play it in the browser. The basic idea is to find the exit portal as fast as possible. It is definitely a...
  5. D

    UWP Quick tab

    Hello, I want to ask you, if there is way to disable quick tab or quick action in UWP module on Windows 10 mobiles ? I hope you know what I mean. When you slide from top to down on W10 Mobiles it shows. (there are WIFI, Bluetooth, Hotspot, Camera, notifications, etc..) EDIT: 1 more question. I...