1. LanderMiskolczi

    GML Queues

    so this is my first time using Queues in game maker, and for some reason the first two of the list aren't loading, and idk why? Could someone check this out for me? This is my battle Start object Create Event: execute code: /// Varabiles randomize(); field_type = 0; execute code: /// Field...
  2. inertias

    Making a queue of units and drawing their position in the queue

    Ok, so sorry for the bizarre title. I hope the title and my explanation is good enough to help you guys understand my issue. So basically, in my game there are units you can create. They get created at your base and then simply move to the right of the screen until they reach the enemy. I want...
  3. Roastedzerg

    Possible Memory leak (solved)

    Hey gmc, Ive been having some lag issues in my game with vsync turned on (turning it off creates lots of tearing in the game, but it runs alot smoother with only a little lag) And i think it might be the priority queues i have set up in each enemy object to search for the player. Im sure its...
  4. N

    UDP packet reliability with packetID and bitfield

    I'm working on packet reliability over udp. I'm using packet ids and bits to make this happen. Everytime i send a packet i increment the packetID by 1. This is kinda complicated as i have not worked with bit operations before. Every time i recieve a packet i add the packet id to a queue which...
  5. G

    a function inside an array inside a ds_queue

    hello, here's the thing, i put an function in array[0] waits to be excuted and how long it will be delay (seconds) in array[1], then i drop them in to ds_queue using ds_queue_enqueue. script: var command; command[0] = aScript(); command[1] = 1; ds_queue_enqueue(global.dsqueue,command); then...