1. XanthorXIII

    Discussion Default View on setting up room

    Going over the information provided by cameras and the like, I'm still trying to wrap my head around views. In GMS 1 this seemed to be an issue with setting a view on the first room and having that be the default for all the rooms. In GMS 2 it seems like this is back. I thought cameras take care...
  2. 2

    What are the challenges of being a game designer?

    I'm somewhat new to game designing in general, and i have a few questions that i'm hoping i can get a response to. I started game maker studio not too long ago and it works great but i do run across the same problems every time. So these are a couple of things i need help with. 1. What the...
  3. Misu

    Ask me anything!

    Been on the forums for more than 6 years and using GM for 7 years. Also been doing paintings for more than 12 years and art in general for around 22 years. Ive been existing for more more than 25 years and have been non-existing for more than 100 billion of years from now. Wow... with such...
  4. P

    Suggestion Add a guide for creating question threads

    If you've ever made a question on Stack Overflow, you notice that you are greeted with a quick guide for creating questions before you are allowed to make it. I often see in the programming board "x question" or "question about y," and obviously that is not a very informative title (And Stack...
  5. alexde5th

    Discussion What if you can/could... Update!

    Everyday in life, or at least before ninth grade, I asked my friends "If you could do this/What if..." questions, they always gave some interesting answers. Mostly. Updated on 7/5/2016 So here's some What if questions and I'd like to hear your response on them. What if your pet (A dog, cat...