1. Wild_West

    Replacing items in an inventory

    I'm having trouble finding the solution to a question/answer error in this check for if an item is collected and your inventory is already full. The top part works fine but the bottom half , the stuff for asking if you want to replace an item in your inventory is all wrong. When I try to collide...
  2. J

    Legacy GM math_set_epsilon() help?

    Hey, I need help getting my head around the math_set_epsilon() function. In the example it says that image_index is thought to equal '5' but actually equals '5.0000002'. I understand that. But then it says by setting the epsilon value to 0.000001, the image_index will be rounded to the nearest...
  3. Ayziak

    Question regarding the event_preform function..

    I have a collision event, which I need to use to set off a keyboard event in another object. Here's the code I used: //Collision Event event_perform_object(obj_char, ev_keyboard, ord("A")); My problem is that since a collision event triggers every step, only the first line of the A-key event in...
  4. Ayziak

    Question (or potentiality a bug) regarding device tilt and collisions.

    So I'm making a game for iOS. have an object in the center of a room which is a line, with the origin at one end. I have it coded with device_get_tilt_y() and image_angle so that the line always points up. Also, for testing on the PC, I have an extra variable so that I can test it without...
  5. Ayziak

    Legacy GM Question regarding collision checking..

    I have two objects with precise masks. I need to find any way to detect when they are no longer colliding. This would preferably be a single-trigger event, like, say, a key release event, however if it did need to be something that was checked every step, I could work with it. Thanks for...
  6. Ayziak

    Question Regarding Virtual Keys and Device Tilt.

    So I know Virtual Keys can be mapped to places on the screen, but I was wondering if there was any way to trigger one from a second event altogether... In my case the tilting of device past a point and back again would maybe press and release a key that would activate it for all of the objects...
  7. Ayziak

    Legacy GM Question regarding touchscreens & multi-touch

    So I'm currently working on adding touch control arrows to my game. My game would require split touch control (e.g. D-pad on the left, joystick on the right.) I'm wondering what is the best way to go around doing this, so my game could essentially recognize multiple clicks in multiple places at...
  8. Ayziak

    iOS Question: Best way to test a game on an iOS device?

    I have my game (on PC), the export modules, a mac, and a jailbroken iOS device. What is the most efficient way to get the game onto my device for testing purposes? (Or even just any way to get a .ipa which I could install through Xcode or iFunbox/etc.)
  9. C

    Windows Joysticks: What I did today, and a Question

    I have been depressed lately over the Jam... I had not one scrap of code in my code base. In fact, I had not one script, one scrapt of useful code. So I plan on rectifying this. And that brings us to: Today I made a couple of scripts - like this one: :) I am building my code base day by day...
  10. D

    Idea Tcg, ccg, theory

    Hello Community, I have been using Game Maker for about 5 years now and designing games for longer than that. A group of friends and I recently put together an idea for a multiplayer trading card game that we want to make digital. My question would be, are Game Maker Studio's multiplayer...
  11. B

    Can You make games in a laptop?

    I just downloaded the game-maker app (or game-maker installer) and when I click the "run" button it doesn't work. I'm using a window 7, was It not suppose to work on laptops? Maybe you guys can help me.
  12. M

    Character Sprite Customisation?

    Hello, I am looking at making a game that involves customisation. What I would like is for the user to choose a base sprite (like a featureless person or something), then choose additional decorations that will be added onto the sprite (flapping wings, flowing hair, etc.). What I'm not sure...
  13. Cpaz

    GMC Forums Quick question about the "Work in progress" subforum.

    Once a WIP game has been completed, can it be moved to the "Made with GM" or essentially "Completed games," if so how? Or would it be better just to make a new thread all together?
  14. Murr_

    When Drawing text to GUI (Draw GUI Event)

    I have a few questions about the Draw GUI Event, and how it works. 1. When you have a object that draws text the the Draw GUI Event and has a color value, will it effect a OTHER object's text properties when its drawn to the Draw GUI Event. 2. How would you separate the two, from the Draw GUI...
  15. S

    Windows How to recover work from crashes

    For years, the biggest annoyance with me while working with Game Maker 8 Pro are random crashes after using the sprite editor. It's always after closing the sprite editor, there's the chance the program will stop responding and will not return in any way. That's how I lost countless things all...
  16. T

    Hey guys, i have a quick question about Gamemaker Mac

    So i was wondering what the difference is between Gamemaker for Mac and Gamemaker for mac LITE, what features are disabled in Lite? What are the difference and restrictions?
  17. I

    Arabic language question.

    hello, I have a problem that i've yet to find a solution for, i want to draw text by GML functions in the Arabic language, but as soon as the game starts the Arabic sentences are converted to weird symbols, it's either that or the text displaying in reverse or the letters of a word displaying...
  18. Jeremy

    Suggestion Military Time?

    Hi, I've had no luck finding a way in my account preferences to switch to military time. Is this possible? - Jeremy