1. V

    Question - General Question: Publishing a commercial game; Game consists of YoYo Marketplace assets

    Considering the EULA Agreement for the Game Maker Studio 2 Market Place Assets, under section 6, a rule states, (what you must not do with the assets) "6.1.1. Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell them; 6.1.2. Copy, sell, license, distribute, transfer, modify, adapt, translate...
  2. F

    How can I make a physics-based drawing game?

    In my physics-based-game you should be able to draw a line or any figure you want (per touchscreen or mouse) to block falling boxes. It`s also very important that some sections of the drawn line can be deleted by special projectiles. But i can`t get it to work :( - I have tried to use...
  3. K

    GMS 2 How does sprite layering in NES Final Fantasy(s) work?

    I was kind of interested in it because I somehow just noticed this, but in all of the NES Final Fantasy(s), the trees in the Overworld do a layering effect while the player passes through them. As you can see, the head stays above the trees while the lower half is behind the trees. Then, the...
  4. K

    Discussion Account Verification Issue

    I sent out a support ticket to Yoyogames and haven't gotten a reply yet, and I can see that some other people have had the same problem as me in the past, but nobody has posted a solid solution. Basically, I'm trying to verify my Yoyogames account. I'll log in, type in my information, and then...
  5. Edwin

    Legacy GM How to restart the script again?

    Hey, pals. I made a simple randomizing script with exception value, like if you want to get random value BUT, for example, without 100 or any value else. /// irandom_exc(x, exc) // Arguments var max_value = argument[0]; var exception = argument[1]; // Choose random value var value =...
  6. C

    Question - D&D How to make a action go if it meets two parameters (events)

    I don't know how to do this, Im a new coder (DnD).
  7. C

    Problem with collisions

    I am currently making an action platformer and i have problems with collisions. The code goes like this: Create Speed = 0 Step var move = (keyboard_check (vk_right)) - (keyboard_check (vk_left)) speed = move * walkspeed If (place_meeting(x + speed, y, wall)) { While (!place_meeting (x +...
  8. C

    Dialogue and GUI info?

    Hello i am very new here and have a few questions I am making a hack and slash game with emphasis on backgrounds and story rather than super-engaging grind filled gameplay. The problem for me comes when i need dialogue and GUI I really am clueless on how to implement it in to my work. Dialogue...
  9. Alloi

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] GMS 2 Can't Launch Game

    While working on my game everything was working fine; I edited one of my sprites dropping it from approx 10 frames to 3, after doing so my game would not launch. I do not think it is associated to the sprite change but maybe there is something you all know that I don't Thank you for any help...
  10. F

    Help making a button operated door

    Hi, i am very new to gamemaker and was wondering if there was a simple way to make a door that plays an opening animation when you press a "button" near it. I have created a animation for the door opening DnD or code but any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Edwin

    GML [SOLVED] How to check "switch" statement of current code?

    For example, I have variables keyRight, keyLeft, keyUp, keyDown that equals to keyboard_check(vk_...). I need to check them in switch statement like this: switch () { keyRight: x += 2; break; keyLeft: x -= 2; break; keyUp: y += 2; break...
  12. Edwin

    What is the first game ever made in GameMaker?

    Did YoYo/YoYoGames team, when testing GameMaker, made the demo game for it or something? Did anyone wonder about it?
  13. T

    Game Mechanics [Question] How do I make a melee attack?

    I know how to make a shooting kind of thing I just have no clue how to make a melee attack. I messed around with hitboxes but it made no sense to me. If one of you could explain it to me that'd be great! (Im using GML)
  14. J

    Question - IDE Able to export 1.4 trial projects to a paid Game Maker 2?

    Can anyone tell me if I can export a project created in trial Game Maker 1.4 to a paid version of Game Maker 2? I am developing my first game to be a Pong x Breakout clone and found it easier to get it started in 1.4 than 2 (stuff like bouncing off objects and such) and even planning on...
  15. M

    How Do yoo make sprites immovable and impassable in gamaker 2.0 using GL

    I need help From the very beginning of how to do it???
  16. K

    How should you create new classes?

    Say you're creating a game with many different classes. What would you do to make the classes unique and fun to play? I'm kinda struggling with this, figured I would ask some people.
  17. Edwin

    Legacy GM How to specify the value between one and the other value in the Switch statement

    It sounds incomprehensible, but I'll try to explain... switch (hp) { case (LOWER OR EQUALS 50) } Is it possible to set value in case that lower or greater (< or >), 'cause I want to make like when HP is lower than 50, sprite changes to another one. I know that I can use "if" statement...
  18. Edwin

    Local Multiplayer working with Hamachi

    Is it really possible to use Hamachi to play your own game? If it is, please tell me how to make it. :)
  19. F

     I was just wondering about the resource tree...

    how many resources are the maximum limit for objects and sprites? Because my game I am making will need lots of them, since it’s a rpg.
  20. FeetUpGaming

    Legacy GM (SOLVED) object_get_parent Questions

    When using object_get_parent(object_index) do you put in an instance id or an object index? (Does the object need to exist inside the room) Also (The main question) what happens when the object has multiple parents? Here is the kind of family of the objects i'm using: obj_brickWall < wall <...