1. Tamehisa

    What does this question mark do?

    I'm trying to use Lighting System 2d by Jodo and I can't understand 2nd term of lerp function in one of the line in Demo project. light[| eLight.Direction] = lerp(light[| eLight.Direction], dir ? Min_Angle : Max_Angle, 0.01); This line is in the Step event of obj_rotating_spot_light. I set...
  2. S

    Game Mechanics what's the relation of the sprite size with the tile size?

    Hi, I've been new to this journey of making games. But in some tutorials on the internet I've heard some people talk superficially about this topic, when they always have their player sprite in the same size as their tiles. Is there any specific reason for that? Can I make a diferent size...
  3. M

    GM: Studio 1 and 2 scripts

    I have a silly question: do GM: Studio 2 scripts works on GM: Studio 1 too?
  4. M

    VEGAS Pro 16 Edit Steam Edition, yes or no?

    I want to buy VEGAS Pro 16 Edit Steam Edition from Steam, even if it costs a lot. I want to use it for hobby, or for making a trailer for a my future game. I choose Vegas Pro 16 because I think it's better. But first I want to ask you your opinion. Do you recommend me VEGAS Pro 16 Edit Steam...
  5. M

    Legacy GM Problem with Jumping Attack Animation

    I fixed a problem about an attack animation in a my game, but now there is another problem: when the character is on the floor and attack, the animation works well, but when is jumping and attack, the jumping attack sprite isn't animated. Here is the script: //Create Event image_speed = 0...
  6. M

    Legacy GM Problem with Attack Animation

    I'm making an action platform game (I have a lot of project), and want to make my character attacking with a melee weapon. But my character doesn't attack. Instead of attacking, he plays the walk animation (because the stand sprite is the first image of the walk sprite). Here is the classis...
  7. M

    Legacy GM Jumping and Falling sprites

    I want to make my character to change sprites when jumps and/or falls, in a platformer game. Do you know a good script? I use this script: if vspeed < 0 sprite_index = spr_jump else if vspeed > 0 sprite_index = spr_fall else if vspeed = 0 sprite_index = spr_stand But gives me a bug...
  8. M

    GameJolt or

    Where do you suggest me to publish my games? Gamejolt, or both?
  9. M

    Legacy GM Leaderboard for different levels

    Is it possible making a different leaderboard for each level in a game?
  10. Vinsane

    Android / Amazon Fire Item Shop Question - Need Help Removing Money From Player

    Hi everyone! I am trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong here with my shop keeper setup. I have a fairly straight forward code setup to create a functioning Item Shop, everything is working fine EXCEPT the actual minus of money when the item is purchased! I'll give the rundown of the code...
  11. M

    Legacy GM Problem with a script

    I have a problem with this scrip: "mp_grid_add_instances(oath,obj_Wall,1);" It's in the event Create, this script makes the enemy avoid the wall, but give me an error message when I start the game How can I fix it?
  12. M

    Grid-Based Enemy Movement

    NOTE: I use GM: Studio 1 I want to make an enemy who walks following a grid-based movement. This enemy follows another object. I don't know if I'm clear, but is the same movement of RPGMaker characters and NPCs
  13. Z

    Squash and Stretch issues

    Hello, I am working on a game where the character can stick on walls and climb on them, (like the game VVVVVV, but with horizontal walls as well) and one of the features I wanted to add to my main character was squash and stretch. However, most systems have the issue of only being able to do...
  14. V

    Need Help with Directional Attack Combos

    I'm completely new to coding and there is something I need to know how to do for my game. I want to make it to where the player can change the direction of their sword swing at any point in their combo by pressing one of the movement keys (WASD) while swinging. I have a state machine set up and...
  15. James Lin

    GMS 2 Question pls answer

    If I have a random_range(1, 5) can it return 1 or 5, or is it only 2,3, or 4?
  16. Dropsuitcaptain

    Discussion My discount for gms2

    I heard that if you own gm1 pro then you get a 40% discount but when I go to the checkout I don't see a discount. Was the discount temporary and I missed it or do I just not have one? Don't know if this is the right spot to post this sorry if its not.
  17. P

    Question - Code Different bullets same gun?

    Hello! I'm just a begginer and I apologise in advance if im asking something someone else has tackled before. I'm trying to develop my first game but i've encountered a problem regarding my weapons. Thing is I'd like my player's gun to shoot different projectiles switching its bullets from one...
  18. M

    Teleport objects to random objects

    I use GM: Studio 1 The game is a top-down one. I want to make a make a my character in the game, summoning 10 objects that spawn on 10 random enemies' position. This is the point: my character summons 10 roots that block 10 random enemies and make them stop walking, until the roots disappear...
  19. M

    Thunder hitting a random enemy

    First of all, I use GM: Studio 1 for making games I want to make a character in my game, that has an ability that can summon a thunder who hits a random enemy on screen. Can you tell my what script I have to put in the thunder object, and what in the playable character?
  20. V

    Question - General Question: Publishing a commercial game; Game consists of YoYo Marketplace assets

    Considering the EULA Agreement for the Game Maker Studio 2 Market Place Assets, under section 6, a rule states, (what you must not do with the assets) "6.1.1. Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell them; 6.1.2. Copy, sell, license, distribute, transfer, modify, adapt, translate...