1. G

    HTTP Request Issue

    Hello, I have written an API for submitting highscores to a database using Node.js and I have deployed it to the Google App Engine. The API recieves commands through HTTP requests and acts accordingly based on the information contained in the request. When testing the API locally on my machine...
  2. flyinian

    SOLVED Difference in Performance between the given examples.?

    var aa, bb, cc, dd, ee, ff,....; aa = abc1 >= abc2; bb = abc3 >= abc4; cc = abc5 >= abc6; dd = abc7 >= abc8; ee = abc9 >= abc10; ff = abc11 >= abc12; ... if(aa && bb && cc && dd && ee && ff && ...) { //code }; VS. // Create Event aa = abc1 >= abc2; bb = abc3 >= abc4; cc = abc5 >= abc6; dd =...
  3. L

    For a visual novel-ish vibe

    How do i create the effect of the text box fading in and the text being typed and then it fading out when the player presses a letter/number to progress?
  4. R

    Legacy GM [QUESTION] Dynamic Objects via JSON

    Hey all! I'm making a survival/crafting game, and I want to be able to define objects/items (as well as crafting recipes) and their parameters via json files rather than tediously creating one after the other, adding a create event, and setting the variables directly in GameMaker. Of course...
  5. Epicrex

    Windows Importing Sprites

    I have 4 frames for a character of mine. All four of these characters don't have all pixels connected. What is an easy way for be to bring these from Aceprite to GML. I've used ...strip4.png before but that only works when all pixels are connected. It would be great when I could immediately...
  6. L

    How do I stop motion_add?[SOLVED]

    So basically I want to stop motion_add so it happens only once or are there any alternatives beacuse I want to push player from guns rotation so how do I stop it or is there any other way to do it. Thanks in advance!
  7. L

    Drag and drop snake

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a drag and drop snake tutorial out there. I thought of an interesting prototype idea and I want to get it off my brain.
  8. Tobey

    Question - IDE "There is not enough space on the disk." Error

    This is just a quick question about the "System.IO.IOException: There is not enough space on the disk." error. It fixes itself when I restart gms2 and frees up 6GB's so I'm assuming this is just something to do with temporary files but I would like to confirm that this only occurs when building...
  9. B

    Windows Fps and gamespeed higher than room speed

    Hello, I have my room speed set to 60, yet the game runs at my monitors refresh rate which is 165.. the game runs at 40fps on other people systems with no real reason as there isn't much going on. I checked the alternate synchronisation method in the global game settings and since then the...
  10. N

    Question - IDE Choosing number of frames for tiles

    When creating an tileset and opening the animated tiles option, why does it only let me choose either 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 frames? What if I want to create a tile with 6 frames? Why can't I just type in the number of frames, it doesn't let you, is there any way around this please?
  11. L

    Changing Sprite/Image_Index based on relation to camera (3d)

    Hello! This is kind of a weird question but anyway.. I used to use GameMaker Studio 1 a bit, thought I would try it again I am using 2. I would figure this would consist of plotting a line between the camera and object, then figuring which way it faced, then depending upon that which sprite to...
  12. N

    Development Just a few questions.

    Hi all, I'm not specifically sure what this would be applied too but I've just been wondering a few things, this might seem a bit stupid of a question to ask but when I'm just curious, at what point does code become your code and should I feel bad about using someone else's code? Obviously as it...
  13. C

    Graphics Inquiry about Sprites

    Hello! I've just recently got into learning game development and part of that is acquainting myself with the lingo. So along the way, I came across the term "sprite(s)" and I have some questions about it. Is the term "sprite" the industry standard used when referring to the visual...
  14. flyinian

    Is there any difference between 1 object with all global variables vs. many objects with a few global variables each?

    Pretty much what the title says. 1 object with 1000 global variables initialized on game start VS. 100 objects with 10 global variables initialized on game start. Any difference?
  15. flyinian

    SOLVED Would this be 1 or more than 1 script?

    I've been learning how scripts work and was wondering if the below code can be placed into one script or i will need multiple scripts for it to work. My guess, I need multiple scripts. if (Requirements_Met == true && Allow_Leveling) { if(Current_Experience < Next_Experience) {// If...
  16. flyinian

    (Closed)Resizing sprites used in tile sets without effecting the tile set placements in rooms?

    QUESTION: Is there a way to resize sprites that are used in tile sets without effecting the tile sets in rooms? CURRENT ISSUE: Every time I need to increase the canvas size so I can incorporate more sprites for tile sets in rooms, it scrambles the pre-existing tiles in rooms. How can I avoid...
  17. flyinian

    A.I. & persistent objects & time system

    In my project, I plan on having persistent objects that are initialized at the start of the game that runs the A.i. of the project. From tracking and calculations for resources, troops, status and more. Would this be a good approach to this? If not, what are other ways of achieving this? I'm...
  18. H

    SOLVED How do I make a hurt indicator pop up on screen?

    I'm new to GMS2 and I'm making a platformer. There are spikes in the game, to tell the player they've been hit, I added a sound effect, but I also want the screen to shine red for a split second when the player touches the spike. I've tried using: if(place_meeting(x,y,oSpike)) or...
  19. flyinian

    SOLVED Out of curiosity, Is there a better way of doing this?

    Out of curiosity, Is there a better way of doing this? This is for a mouse hover highlight for a button. I was trying to get my navigation system for my game to not execute the button highlighting per step. This took me awhile to figure this out, a different version of this was executing...
  20. D

    Steam The GMS 2 not running the project

    Hello, I have a problem, i tried to run my project and give me this error. elapsed time 00:00:00.1239964s for command "cmd" /c subst X: /d started at 06/09/2020 10:58:18 FAILED: Run Program Complete For the details of why this build failed, please review the whole log above and also see your...