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  1. McJazzhands

    SOLVED Creating a group of active enemies that function as one unit

    Heya folks! I'm back with a question relating to Gradius once again. This time around, I'm trying to recreate the bean enemies you see when you start the game, shown below: What I'm aiming for is a group of identical enemies (A) that drop a powerup capsule for the player when the whole group...
  2. H

    GMS 2.3+ Decimal point path speed not working?

    I'm making a train game with a randomly generated looping train track, along it there is a train object that uses path finding to loop the tracks. It was relatively easy to set up, but at some point, I decided to set my path speed to 1.5, since 1 was too slow and 2 was too fast for me to do...
  3. BabyBlue

    GMS 2.3+ Sprite becomes unfocused as movement increases

    Hello All, I apologize if this is a frequent question, I've searched all over and can not find a solution. I'm hoping my eye sight isn't just going out of whack. Whenever I create an object and code any movement, the sprite becomes very jittery as soon as I increase the speed from the bare...
  4. G

    HTTP Request Issue

    Hello, I have written an API for submitting highscores to a database using Node.js and I have deployed it to the Google App Engine. The API recieves commands through HTTP requests and acts accordingly based on the information contained in the request. When testing the API locally on my machine...
  5. GargantulaKon

    GMS 2.3+ How do I find sequence ID via Room Editor property name?

    I know I can use the following: var seqTest = layer_sequence_create("Assets_1", 100, 100, seqTest); var seqInst = layer_sequence_get_instance(seqTest); seqInst.speedScale = 0.1; But I want to be able to place sequences using the room editor since it's easier and faster. I can use a regular...
  6. Minerkey

    GML Methods of less-stuttery sprite prefetching?

    I've been using GMS2 for quite some time now, about 3 years now, and I've been trying to efficiently load sprites. I've gone from questionable methods like just loading every sprite at once with a huge block of sprite_prefetches, to loading each sprite one-by-one but I still seem to run into the...
  7. L

    State machine questione

    I am thinking about making a turn based shmup prototype. The idea is that everything including bullets do not move unless the player inputs a command. So I think how this would work is that there would be a global object that controls everything and each object reacts based on input. Am I...
  8. R

    GMS 2.3+ [Question] Is it possible to mirror/flip a Sequence?

    Hello all, I'm current experimenting with Sequences, and I'm trying to figure out how I can have a Sequence mirrored or flipped during run-time for an Object (similar to a sprite flipped using image_xscale = -1). Doing so, the same movements would occur but in the opposite direction and sprites...
  9. L

    GML Can you get a value from an object without referencing it in code?

    Due to how easy it may be to misunderstand the question, let me elaborate. for example, I want my cursor to draw the name of the object it is colliding with, one way I know how to do this, is to simply preform a simple collision check, as follows if (place_meeting(x,y,exampleobject)) {...
  10. ryan821

    SOLVED Problem when making a battle system.

    Hi, I am a new GameMaker user and I am trying to make a project that simulates battle system like undertake. The concept is when I hit enter, the battle begins. Three circles will pop up and fly up. This is the code for the circle: Create: flight_speed = 5; dir = undefined; alarm[0] =...
  11. S

    SOLVED How to change the location of a object from the original placement as it enters the room?

    New in programming, sorry for the unsophisticated languages So in my program there is a room that plays the role as the "main room", which means there are a several objects in that room and they are like entrances to other rooms, when the player object collides with one of those "entrances" it...
  12. elmwood

    GML ds_priority_delete_max() returns 0 if the data structure is empty?

    Hellow, I seem to have inadvertently discovered that ds_priority_delete_max() returns 0 if the data structure is empty (and cleared beforehand using ds_priority_clear). Why does the function return 0 at all? Why not "undefined"? Could not find an answer in the documentation.
  13. M

    GML mark of the ninja visual queue for sounds

    Hi i'm having trouble imitating the ringlike visual queue to represent the sounds. I got the the rings appearing every .5 seconds when running but I cant figure out how to erase them. they just stay there and slowly fill up the map. i was wondering if anyone can help me with that?
  14. L

    GML how to stop on frame of sprite?

    I'm trying to make something happen if the player hits enter during a certain frame of a sprite's animation. Depending on when they press enter, the sprite will then freeze on that frame. Stopping on different frames will cause different things to happen. Is there any way to write this out in...
  15. V

    GML Instance_place checks only 1 object ?

    Hi, i am making a save script for my game using instance_place. var inst = instance_place(xx,yy,all); if(inst) { var instIndex = inst.object_index; ini_write_string("Map0", string(ntp(xx))+","+string(ntp(yy)), instIndex); } Everything was okay till time that i...
  16. F

    How can I make a physics-based drawing game?

    In my physics-based-game you should be able to draw a line or any figure you want (per touchscreen or mouse) to block falling boxes. It`s also very important that some sections of the drawn line can be deleted by special projectiles. But i can`t get it to work :( - I have tried to use...
  17. C

    Problem with collisions

    I am currently making an action platformer and i have problems with collisions. The code goes like this: Create Speed = 0 Step var move = (keyboard_check (vk_right)) - (keyboard_check (vk_left)) speed = move * walkspeed If (place_meeting(x + speed, y, wall)) { While (!place_meeting (x +...
  18. C

    Puzzles in gamemaker

    I have an idea for a pretty good video game i can make and some puzzle ideas to go with it. I am not exactly sure how to implement all of them though. Block puzzles would be easy to make. Password puzzles stump me however. Maybe using variables and checking them to open a door? I can go without...
  19. T

    GML Character's Y Detection

    Hi, I need help. I am creating a game where basically there is this zombie chasing this player. I want to make it so if the zombie is under the player, and the player is still on the x axis but jumps on the y axis, I want the zombie to also jump with the player... I have spent hours trying to...
  20. T

    Game Mechanics [Question] How do I make a melee attack?

    I know how to make a shooting kind of thing I just have no clue how to make a melee attack. I messed around with hitboxes but it made no sense to me. If one of you could explain it to me that'd be great! (Im using GML)