1. Antikore

    GML Can GM:S or GMS2 execute a python code/program?

    Sorry if this may not be the correct sub-forum to post this. (I don't have access to Advanced sub-forum and I didn't want to ask for permission for just a random question.) It doesn't need to be on the actual IDE, the only thing I could need its somehow the python code and my game be able to...
  2. JesterOC

    Job Offer - Programmer Hiring Python/GML Programmer for TCP Network Holepunching

    Hi there, looking to expand my games multiplayer capabilities... getting into holepunching... I was able to get UDP holepunching to work but was too unreliable for what I want... Looking for someone to make Python master server that can holepunch GM clients to GM servers... with TCP... PM me or...
  3. NoobsWeStand

    Windows md5_file returns different hash than Python hashlib

    Hello, I have a quick question on why these two md5 functions would differ? I am using md5_file in game maker, and sending the hash over to a server to verify a file. The server is using Python's hashlib to compute the hash of a file it has on its end. If I have the same file for GM and Python...
  4. O

    Windows Is there a way to send a string to external python program?

    I want to use Python for neural learning as it has very good libraries for it, so my idea is that GM2 send out strings to Python program and Python can control GM2 via key press events.
  5. T

    GML Reading JSON files in gms 2

    I had the idea to make a game, where you could have the game window, and another comand prompt open. in the command prompt you could type in programmed commands that would edit variables in a json file. i've fully coded the command prompt in python and it works well, but how do i load variables...
  6. A

    Interacting with parts of the computer?

    Hey- I'm new to gms2 but I really have taken a liking to it. I was wondering if it was possible to sort of merge code not written in the game maker language with gms2 somehow- in order to be able to interact with other parts of the computer. Say for example if I wanted to be able to tell the...
  7. I

    GMS 2 Calling Python Functions

    Hello everyone! Would there be a way to call a python function at runtime and somehow process its output?
  8. haloflooder

    Trying to get python to connect to a GM Server

    I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to understand how to get a python client to communicate with a server on a gamemaker program I'm creating. I did get python to connect to the program but if I try to send any data, the console in GMS 2 says "Error: Login failed". This is what I'm doing to...
  9. EricPB

    Team Request Programmer Needed for Turn Based Strategy Game [GMX/Python]

    TL;DR I am the head of a small team, need an AI programmer predominantly, general programmers are welcome to join in as well, familiarity with .PY is a bonus. Work in a team environment with great, skilled peopled. Discord required. Hi there, I am the head of a small two-man team working on a...
  10. Tthecreator

    Windows gms1 to gms2 JSDoc conversion script

    Why did I make this script? Originally it was to help myself out. I also wanted to try out python, so I settled on using that. The only reason I'm sharing this is "because why not?" I might as well share it. What does this script do? This converts the old gms1 script header style...
  11. H

    GML How to pack/unpack binary strings?

    I play a game called Live for Speed that has a couple cool programming toys you can mess with (InSim, OutSim, OutGauge). I know how to connect to servers and the basics of creating/sending/receiving packets and from my understanding, I need to send a binary formatted string to the server, then...