1. TheMiningBoyAlpha

    Alpha Konotsu Gunner

    This game is a 2D sidescroller, with online pvp and an offline sandbox. It will support Windows and HTML5 (The two only working builds as of now). With plans for it to be exported on Linux also, and a Nintendo DS port being programed by Robz8 of https://gbatemp.net/. The link to the...
  2. allualbert

    Team Request [Rev Share][Token To War][Multiplayer] Pixel artists Needed. Spine animator. Musicians also welcome.

    Hi. Were GlowLite Studios and we're looking for long term artists. (pixel) Were making a Multiplayer Medival Magical 10 vs 10 PVP game with randomly generated arenas for Pc and mobile. We have a early Pre-alpha build with a block for a character, but the multiplayer works. If you want to test it...
  3. Lhargo

    Windows Odium Arena (online game)

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1979030769/odium-arena This is a game I have been developing for around 1 month (from time of posting ) now and its finally at the point where I have something to show. The idea behind The game was to have sort of like a battle royale similar to...
  4. F


    Hi, me and a friend had an idea for a pvp game, we started working on it, but only recently found out that making it online multiplayer is said to be extremely hard since it has to be lag free. Our game would be 1v1, is there an 'easy' way to make it online multiplayer, or is it difficult...
  5. E

     EarthGun - A Pvp Battle Royale Game

    Howdy yall, I been working on this game for the past two weeks and things are still pretty rough but progress is still going. To sum up the game as fast as possible it's going to be a open world pvp game inspired by Fortnite and such where you will get weapons like guns, swords, lasers, and...
  6. T

    Free Ninja Edge (First Game)

    What up! This is my first game created out of sheer luck. This is my first game made and published so please check it out. If you do, I'll send you memes. Description Ninja Edge is a local multiplayer competitive platformer based around a sci-fi setting. Fight your friends in interactive...