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puzzle game

  1. Liquid

    'Simple move' - puzzle game of simple concepts

    any click will make the colourfull squares move the square will move horizontally XOR vertically (depends on distance to mouse position) place the squares onto their coresponding cirlce Video Play it here
  2. MrBakels

    Android WordLooper - Fun Word Game for Android

    Here's a fun little word / brain game I made for Android. Simple gameplay with one-touch controls, online leaderboards, statistics etc... Enjoy! Description from Google Play: Playing is easy: Quickly figure out where the word starts within the circle. Sounds simple, but trying to spot the right...
  3. Liquid

    "physical move" - puzzlegame

    "Physical move" is a physics based puzzle game goal of the game: * colorfull boxes need to be placed on the platform that has the same color as the box game mechanics: * destroy white boxes and let gravity do the rest * in some levels there are other tools available (create new links or...
  4. H

    Windows Shadow Child

    This is my first game made in game maker studio 2. I made this game so I could test my skill and learn new stuff about the game developing industry. If anyone checks it out, I would love any kinds of feedback about the game (good, bad, all will be useful). Thank you all. Full Game on Itch.io-...
  5. B

     Dice-o-Logic - Puzzle game

    Hey, I'm working on my first serious GameMaker Studio project. It is an isometric puzzle game where you control a die through various levels. The goal in each level is to reach the target field with the specified number of pips on the top face of the die. The game has several mechanics such as...
  6. T

    Puzezl - A puzzle-platformer inside a jigsaw puzzle

    Puzezl is a puzzle-platformer in which you control a character that lives inside a jigsaw puzzle world. Use your telekinetic magic to move the pieces and reorder the world around you. Controls Use keyboard arrows to move Press C to grab a puzzle piece Later in the game : Press Down while in...
  7. Gandija

    Windows Twinx

    Hello, this is a game i recently finished. I find it amusing for playing in windows and hope you'll enjoy too. In this game you throw a string and have to match the pieces with a limited number of turns. I incorporated some features from the original arcade, so that now you can edit your own...
  8. AlexDerFerri

     Sudopic - a dynamic Sudoku puzzle game

    Link to play (no installation needed): https://alexder.itch.io/sudopic Hello everyone! I’ve been working for about a month on a PC puzzle game: Sudopic. Sudopic is a Sudoku-like puzzle game with a dynamic gameplay, thanks to different items that will help or, in some cases, obstruct your...
  9. zielok

    Released Room escape in voxels

    Links: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/room-escape-in-voxels/id1448634740?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twohandslab.room.escape.voxel Do you like the challenge? You must try this game and solve all riddles! It is a classic puzzle with many different unique game...
  10. Tumble&Weird

    Free Rob -The Cowboy [Platformer]

    "Rob - The Cowboy" is a cartoonish action-/puzzle-platformer. You control Rob, who wakes up after a rough night, and you must jump, punch, shoot, explode and puzzle-solve your way back to town, in order to find the saloon. It is currently free to play at...
  11. lukbebalduke

    Released Lamparina [GGJ 2019]

    Everything within the range of light, gains life. Everything else, turns to stone. Lamparina is a top-down puzzle game, where you open magic doors by adjusting the projection of light and solving enigmatic challenges! Lamparina was created in less than 40 hours, for the Global Game Jam...
  12. yvodlyn

    Android Soko Diamond

    It is finally released!!! Try it now on Play store! Link to Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chronosiii.sokoban
  13. S

    Demo PABAPU: Testers needed: Windows or Android

    DOWNLOAD AND TEST: SECRET ITCH.IO LINK TO PLAY THE GAME I haven't had much time to program lately, so I made a much smaller game. WHAT IS IT: A colorful puzzle game where you complete each puzzle by making each tile disappear. Each time you touch a tile, the number on the tile decreases...
  14. B

    Rolling Thunder

    Hi Just try to create new game using gamemaker. This is a game I have been working on for a while now, and I could really use some feedback from you guys So This Puzzle Platformer i working on still on Alpha but you all can try it just 2MB here Link for Windows Exe : i will porting it to mobile...
  15. C

    Android Rocket Sketch - A relaxing and beauty puzzle game

    Hi there! I just published my game made with GameMaker Studio 1.4 on the PlayStore and I'm in willing of feedback. It took a long time to do, mostly because I'm father with other job, so for sure there are a lot of things to do better. But, I thinks the game it's more than complete. It is a...
  16. F

     NekoMajikku open Alpha

    Use elemental magic to transform your cat familiar, and solve puzzles to save your world from daemons! 7-13-2018 Complete RPG rebuild, more info belows https://gamejolt.com/games/NekoMajikku/343554
  17. O

    Released Earth Muncher

    30 years dreaming of developing a game has become a reality. Earth Day is a day that we come together to appreciate the Earth and its’ treasures. This Earth Day, celebrate it with Norm the Earthworm and Nom said treasures...
  18. P

    Released Willy's Wine - an innovative puzzle game

    Help Willy get his barrel to his side across the room by building a bridge using crates in a Tetris-like manner. There are currently 20 unique levels. Each one with a collectible coin to provide an extra challenge. The game is available on itch.io for whatever price you believe it's worth. It's...
  19. A

    iOS Block Dash [Android/iOS]

    Hi All, Block Dash is a new game I have just recently released for Android and iOS. Its a fast paced puzzle game. Full Description: Pick your icon, crank up the music and test your reactions with ever increasing difficult levels! Or see how far you can get in the unlimited mode (try not to...
  20. D

    Free Colour Box

    Hello! Colour Box is now available for free on Steam! It is a puzzle game about colouring boxes to create matches. There are 27 levels of varying difficulty that may prove to be both challenging and fun! Play it here! http://store.steampowered.com/app/810690/Colour_Box/ It was a fun...