1. L

    Question - IDE Cannot push to Github anymore - GitHub Login Dialog does not work

    I understand that there were some changes on GitHub that required changes to GameMaker Studio. So I recently upgraded to the latest version of GameMaker IDE: However, when I want to push my changes I get this new GitHub Login Dialog. When I provide my GitHub credentials, nothing...
  2. Scienitive

    GML Need help with physics

    Hello I recently learned about GameMaker's physics and added that into my game but I have a problem and I have no idea how to solve it. My game is a platformer game. In my game there are some movable (dynamic) objects. Player can push these blocks. When they push more than one block at a time...
  3. RizbIT

    Push the Payload!

    Using https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024582652-Android-Remote-Push-Notifications-Using-Firebase-FCM Sending Test notifications from Firebase cloud messaging console using the test device fcm token. Now im receiving push notifcations as expected. When I click the notification...
  4. Klanes

    Player being pushed by a flying block

    Hello everyone, first, sorry for my English. I'm a complete coding noob, but I love to get in trouble creating some very very very basic games xD In the game you must dodge some flying blocks. This blocks can push the player if he can't climb on top of them (or dodge them). Everything seems to...
  5. RizbIT

    Apple push notifications and server port

    making something for a client in iOS. I want to be able to use Apple push notifications. But to use them port 2195 outbounc needs to be open / forwarded for requests. but as client is with godaddy shared hosting they have said for security reasons they cant open those ports. Has anyone else...
  6. T

    Pushing blocks

    I am new to GameMaker and I have to use GameMaker 8.1 Lite for a school assesment, all I need to know is how do I make it so when I walk into a box (obj_box) I can push it with me? I do not want to change any sprites when pushing.
  7. Appsurd

    Android Push notification extension requires significant update

    A few months ago, I (finally) moved to GameMaker Studio 2. Converting all apps (Android and iOS) was relatively easy, so that's great! Many minor things have changed in GMS2, including push notifications: previously, the GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) was used, and now FCM (Firebase Cloud...
  8. Misu

    The best box pushing mechanic for a platformer

    I was told to start this thread. Anyway I have been struggling on how to do pushable boxes in a complicated level design. I lave slopes and gaps that can (will) also affect the boxes in the game. Of course Im not doing real physics. Im trying to pull off a basic gravity with simple character...
  9. Edwin

    How to find the angle of nearest point where the object is not colliding with other object?

    Hello, people. How to find the angle of the nearest point where object will not collide other object like in Super Mario Maker, where if you put player inside the block, he will be pushed away from it. How to perform it? For example, if the first object spawns in the same place as second object...
  10. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2 Push/Pull objects

    Hello, I'm prototyping some sort of moveable mechanic for pushing and pulling blocks for a 2D platformer. This is the raw idea and is not 100% accurate, and I doubt is very efficient, so would be great if you guys with more experience and knowledge could help me clean up this idea. Basically...
  11. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Pulling a Block/Crate?

    Self explanatory. Found videos on how to push blocks but not pull them. Just need to move the block on the x axis in the direction of the player. The code I'm using for pushing the block is this: if (place_meeting(x+hsp/2,y,obj_crate)) { var block = instance_place(x+hsp/2,y,obj_crate)...
  12. monsieurGrignoux

    global array issues

    Hello I am trying to make two objets interacting each other just using mouse button and position First, is there a function doing that (like place_meeting but with 2 static objet ) ? Second this is my code : /// objet 1 is a case storing (or not) a string value name CREATION CODE...
  13. Kaliam

    Windows (git) Push Error: user cancelled certificate check:

    I can't seem to push my projects to git when using the built in gms2 interfaces. I am trying to push to a private project and I have entered all of my credentials and url into the Authentication section of the git plugin preferences. I have tried using both of the git url forms to no avail...
  14. T

    how to make a constant push on the player [SOLVED]

    okay, so I'm making a platformer and I want to create levels where wind is constantly pushing the player in one direction. SO if the player moves to the right he is slowed down, sped up to the left and just pushed to the left when not moving. Basically I want the movement speed to always be...
  15. L

    Legacy GM Creating Walls that Destroy Push Crates and Themselves on Collision

    Hey everyone! I'm creating a simple puzzle adventure game where you have to use various crates to obtain keys and flip switches to open doors within a maze. You also must avoid search lights and guards while solving the puzzles. So far, I've got most features in no problem. I have some walls...
  16. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 How would I make a character able to push a tile?

    does anybody have an example how I would make a character push a tile on the tilemap like in zelda? I ask this because I am going to do tile based collisions but tiles seems to be always snapped to the grid.
  17. silengames

    Asset - Extension Easy Local Push Notifications without GET_ACCOUNTS permission

    Android extension only. If you use local push notifications and want to remove GET_ACCOUNTS permission from your app this extension for you. Suspicious GET_ACCOUNTS permission cause a bad user's experience. Also from March 15 you have to add Privacy Policy url to Google Play store page and...
  18. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM cant push box

    hey, trying to fix a box pushing mechanic in a puzzle platform as I run a game it just idle, you know trying to make layer do push animation when collide with box left or right. so my question was, how do you make a pushable box perfect?
  19. Z

    Object Controlled Knockback

    Hello Community! I am creating a knockback/push system, using a single object to handle the movements and calculations here is my code in my "obj_control" object. My problem is that an error always occur "out of range", I am know why this happens because I have not declared an array to be above...
  20. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM cant push box in this close

    I have trouble with a box mechanic. I cant push a box when land on this close, only because it reacts a player to push when the box detected a vsp variable. see? //push animation................................................ if !stop if (checkCollision(x+hsp,y,obj_box)) { sprite_index =...